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Thread: How do you use your syringe filters?

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    Default How do you use your syringe filters?

    To those, who use 0.2 micron or similar syringe filters, how do you use them?

    Im asking because one has to draw the shot up a syringe first and then press it through the filter into another vial.

    I add the syringe filter onto the syringe where the unfilteres shot is in, then I put as needle on the syringe filter. I take a new and clean syringe, draw the plunger back put the tip of the needle of my syringe-syringefilter-needle-apparatus in the opening of the fresh syringe, where the needle will be put on later and push it in the fresh syringe. Then I put the needle on the syringe with the filtered shot and press out air.
    When I tried to find out the best way to use it, I would test it with water. I would ike above pull the solution up syringe no.1 then I added the filter on no.1 and put the needle on that. Then I took syringe no.2 (which would then be used for shooting), pulled the plunger only a liitle bit back, so that the needle of the apparatus no.w, when put in there would not touch the plunger of no.2. Then I woul press the solution through the filter on no.1 and slowly pull back the plunger of no.2, where I was pushing the solution in. Then a fresh needle was atacked to no.2.

    Is this a good way? I only used it one time. LOL

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    Re: How do you use your syringe filters?

    Bog, I use them. If I understand what you are doing, I think that is the easiest way using a needle and syringe. Personally, I don't use needle & syringe, I use butterfly needles and attach the filter to the tubing on the butterfly, I fill it with saline to get a line started, then suck up whatever I'm banging and rinse with saline, rinsing is the big reason i use the butterfly needles instead of straight needles.

    I'm not sure if you are doing this, but you can put a needle on the end of the filter to make it easier to squirt into the second syringe.

    If I do use a needle & syringe, I filter the solution into a sterile tube or vial, then draw it out with a fresh syringe. So, if you have any sterile containers you could do that, that way you can rinse the half ml that gets stuck in the filter easily.

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    Default Re: How do you use your syringe filters?

    I apologize for bumping this ancient thread, but the two of you are both obviously very knowledgeable and I would love to be able to pick your brains about this for just a moment, if I may. Any opinions are welcome, as always.

    I have a stash of syringe filters too. It seemed like a great idea to me so I bought a bunch of them and some wheel filters. I use the wheel filters for a different process (making a multi-use vial of liquid out of 10mg M tabs - crush, vacuum-filter, etc).

    I haven't used the syringe filters yet, I've been using dental cotton, because I'm afraid I will lose too much good stuff in the filter.

    Hypothetically, SWIM is considering crushing up say a 30mg IR M tablet and mix it with distilled water in a clean (wiped with alcohol) spoon, then pull that solution into a 3cc Luerlock point with no needle on it. Then the syringe filter is snapped onto the end of that syringe, and the solution is pushed out of that syringe through the filter into a temporary repository, possibly another clean spoon. Spraying it into the syringe SWIM is intending to use would be a better alternative from an antiseptic perspective, but either way SWIM is more concerned with getting rid of filler and generally cleaning up the shot.

    Is this a reasonable way to use a syringe filter? Would it be likely to clog with all of the filler and non-soluble crap in the pill? Should a quick filtration through dental cotton prior to using the syringe filter be better?

    Would a syringe filter be useful for Dilaudid, or does hydromorph actually dissolve as nicely as it SEEMS to?

    Thanks for any guidance, I will pass any comments or advice on to SWIM who will be eternally grateful.

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