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05-03-2007, 10:07 PM
First of all, this is my first post so I'd like to say hello to everyone out there in opiate land! I guess it's kinda funny that as soon as i get in to court ordered treatment I go ahead and renew my opiophile user name. Ha ha, funny funny. Just for a little background, a couple of years ago I had the swat team kick in my door and arrest me for running a "creative small business". Learned my lesson, I was fuckin stupid and that is something I will never do again, but hey, I just turned 18 and am now unlucky enough to be facing 2 adult felonies. Good luck for me (I guess) is I was recently opted into the drug court treatment program. I guess it's good cause I won't be going to jail or becoming a two time felon. However, the bad news is that it looks like my years long love affair with various drugs (espicaly opiates) will have to be drasticly curtailed. Heres the low down: There are (about) 3 times a week random drug screens. They consist of a 7 panel UA. They test for: ethanol, weed, speed, coke, opiates, benzos, and (much to my dismay) oxycodone. So, I'll tell you what I know and see what you fine folks have to say. With my DOC, oxy, I have found that it can take almost half the standard 3 day to piss clean, probably because I'm not a daily user any more. Some ancedotal evidence i have is that by smoking oxy it cleans out of your urine almost with the first piss so that may also contribute to the quick clean out. I've never tested that by using right before a UA. Any one think that differnt injestion routes(smoking) may drasticly effect metabolite half life in urine? Also, I'm wondering about benzos, mainly Xanax. I've have heard that it can up to 2 weeks to get clean but that was heavy use, with the low end being about 4 days. Any one know if extra hydrating and being skinny could cut that time down even more? Based on the seven panel test I take, I already know that I won't pop positive for darvon, tramadol, demerol, and methadone, but does any one know of anything else that I could get away with?

Lots of questions I know, just thought I'd put it out there. I'm going to spend the weekend in county for missing a UA so I'll read all replys on monday.

Thanks lots

05-03-2007, 10:10 PM
Welcome to the site! Look around and you'll find lots of info that can be very useful!

ps. run clean, pass the test and THEN have some fun.
pps. the above statement is in no way meant to be taken as advice on what you should (or shouldn't) do.

05-03-2007, 10:15 PM
Welcome Khaos, you've found your way home.:D

05-03-2007, 11:08 PM
My two cents? Think real hard about the penalties if you fail these drug tests. Isn't it worth staying clean awhile? Why push the envelope? You have another 50 years (I hope) to get high... take it easy, and count your blessings you got the court ordered drug program. I guess I'm just not hearing your fear of being some big fucker's skinny 18 y.o. bitch behind bars.

That said, steer clear of the shit that you KNOW they test for - I wouldn't wanna play Russian roulette with the oxys on this. Anybody know if kratom use shows up in drug tests? Congrats on the drug program. You got lucky - make the most of it.

05-03-2007, 11:13 PM
Nasty zilla has a VERY good point, better safe than sorry.

05-04-2007, 12:01 AM
Drug court isnt bad. Same thing, creative business, early morning SWAT raid. I did it in 6 months, 2 randoms a week in undergrad and still got fucked up every day. Stick to benzos and booze, and make sure you drink tonnnns of water all the time and go to the gym. My basic rule was nothing within 24 hours and make sure you can piss at least twice within the 24 pre-screen. If you really get into it, look up half lifes on google and you could prob figure out exact amounts given weight and relative metabolism, etc. Plus, do they random you on weekends? Fridays were always holidays since they only ran tests on weekends.

The one thing you dont want to do is not jump through thier hoops. Even if you fail tests, they'll keep you until your "healed" (I had one junkie in my counseling class who failed 9 in a row), but the big no no is missing court checkups or not complying with thier procedures. I was in court once and a grad student in drug court on a dope charge was called before the judge to ask why he didn't meet with his counselor for two weeks. He started making up a ton of excuses about phone tag and relatives blah blah and the judge locked him up for a year within 30 seconds of his speech.

05-04-2007, 12:13 AM
Thanks for all the great responses folks. Just to let ya know, it was over three years ago i was arrested. The concequences, in general, for failing UAs are jail sanctions escalating up to 10 days, inpatient treatment for 30 days and a longer time in the program if you don't get kicked out. I guess you're right bro, probably better to at least stick to stuff that I won't pop for, if not stay clean all togather (at least untill the program is over, then it's ON:D ). I guess I'm tempted by the OC's cause methadone is so hard to find where I'm at, though done is almost as good in my opinion. Just to head off the suggestion, the program won't allow me to be on MMT, though I may be allowed back on my Xanax perscription since I was on it before for panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. If, god forbid, I get kicked out of the program, I will have to do the reletivly light sentence of 60 days plus hefty fines(first offence, clean record otherwise, young white kid). The real draw back is the felonies on my record, prohibiting me from emmagrating to canada as was my plan. BTW, to my knowledge kratom does not show on the five panel test, but thats only what I've heard from friends of mine who may or may not know what the hell they're talking about. Certainly requires more research; I've personaly never tried the stuff.

Good lookin' out

Papa Verine
05-04-2007, 01:47 AM
Hey Khaos, you should go to erowid.org and check out their drug testing vault. I think your numbers are a little off. You have to be careful with so much on the line here.

If they do things in WA like they do here, you'll have a few CLEAN drops and they'll start cutting down the number of tests they're giving you over time. Over four years of probation I went from being tested once a week to once every 3 months. I had to be real careful in the beginning, but starting off with a few clean (negative) test results should get them thinking you're doing good and they'll test you less frequently as time goes on.

Be real careful in the beginning. Try to stay clean for a while...

05-04-2007, 02:39 AM
Khaos, Wecome and I finally found another drug court fellow here! I am in drug court in florida and it sucks. I have been in it since December and in phase 2 which here is six months long and phase three is four months. In this time I tested positive twice and I am being sent to intensive outpatient because they fear for my saftey. I tested positive for opies. The next step would be jail until they have an inpatient bed. Don't screw around with these people, they don't play and they will mess with your freedom. I too could test negative while using for a while and then it happened so be careful.
I like this option too because as a medical person I can not afford to have a felony on my record and can get it exponged(sp) and I really need that. Becareful. They as do random tests on the weekend. They are doing one on us Sat.

05-04-2007, 02:42 AM
By the way I have done kratom and they did not even know. I am going to by some more

05-04-2007, 03:42 AM
Do you have to do the urine test in front of them?
My ex boyfriend scammed a test one time, using someone else's pee.
He just took some clean urine with him, in a hidden hip flask, tucked in his belt against his belly, to keep it warm.
Then, when it was time, poured a sample out, and voila...

05-04-2007, 04:36 AM
They stand in the bathroom but they don't watch me pee. Too bad they have the wizenator(sp) for guys but don't have anything for women. I'd pay good money for a proven one.

05-04-2007, 01:37 PM
Hey, what up all.
I'm headin off to court to get put into county over the weekend I didn't get UA'ed today so I got to smoke a 80 bean this morning. Porbably not gunna do this but I may just seal an 80 into the fold of the lining of my boxer shorts. They let you keep socks, shorts and a any white shirt you may have. Before I have in the past just cut a hole in the band of my shorts where the elastic is turned over; it creates a little space perfect for a bean. Ha, thats not smart, so I'm not gunna do it. here is some info on how they run UA's. Everyday they have me call a special number where they call a veriety of colors apperantly "randomly" decided; I have to go take a UA if they call my color. Interestingly enough, they post the message at like 3:00 in the morning. While they do occasionaly test on weekends, it is not common. I guess I understand that, I mean shit they already gotta pay like hundrededs of dollars a week to test me; they can't afford that much more. Interestingly, I have been recording the color calls, not just my own, to see if there is some sort of pattern I could feed into the computer and see if I could perdict the calls. Every time you advance in the program they change you color to one that is called progressivly less and less often. BTW, they do actualy watch you pee. They stand one one side of the urinal and watch the giant mirror on the other side, I'm not willing to try the condom of urine trick or the wizzanator causse of that. As an interesting side note, here is what I have to do every week: I have 3 IOP meetings for 2 1/2 hours apeice. Then I have to attend 3 12-step or NA meetings and then I must appear in court for a few hours; where they're gunna take me into custody today. This is all not to mention the god dam UAs!! I had to quit my bloody dam job cause of this stupid program; thats great for my "recovery"!!

take it easy all

05-04-2007, 03:13 PM
Dude that sucks that they watch you pee, they don't for us. Do they have phases like we do? We have phase one where you ther everyday, phase two you go there 3 times a week and phase 3 you go two days a week.

05-06-2007, 07:43 PM
Hey, whats up all, I just got out of county YAY! Hey storm, yeah we do have phases. 1 2, and3 then MRT (moral recognition training). 1 has 3 tests a week, 2 has 2 and 3 has 6 a month. Thank god that they don't test for methadone. I guess I just try to stick to things I won't pop for. Thanks everybody, this site has been a great confort to me.

05-06-2007, 07:50 PM
They stand in the bathroom but they don't watch me pee. Too bad they have the wizenator(sp) for guys but don't have anything for women. I'd pay good money for a proven one.

You could scare the shit outta them by strapping a Wizzenator on!

I bet they wouldn't come into the bathroom anymore.