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03-01-2007, 02:15 AM
Im now to opiophile even though I have read tons and tons of threads on here from the past year of my experimenting and through my various surgeries. If you want to know about my past history and all that blah, feel free to ask, I'd love to tell, but lets get down to business. OK I have been reading about Opana, this new miracle drug that cures all pain and is so blatently known to be almost illic use free. Though i can see how this new Extended Release (ER) formula can be a pain in the booty, but the other Opana, the IR (Instant Release), isnt that just straight up Oxymorphone? I im in chronic pain, with MANY episodes of BP (Break-through pain) and i cant touch codiene (tylenol 3's, hydrocodone(Lorcet's& Lortab's), and percocets (oxycodone) are starting to fade to my tolerance as well, allthough if I take an ER medice or a pill that metabolizes slowly such as Methadone, then 1-2 percs on top of that, does just dandy. Sorry for all the (blah blah balh), but i was a newby once and a guy did this one time and it helped me out in soo many different forums. Well i will cut to the chase. I just got prescribed Oxymorphone AKA Opana 5mg and they are the Instant Release kind, not the ones that people insufflate or shoot in their veins...WHICH U SHOULD NEVER DO UNLESS U CAN EXTRACT THE SILICA BASED TIMING CHEMICALS! THEY WILL EVENTUALLY HURT YOU! So I get this 'miracle' drug tommorow. Soo far everyone has been downing the pill saying that it sucks and it works O-K for the pain and there is basically no euphoria, but theses are all experiences from people with the Opana ER tables. Even up to 40mg people are complaining that they would take an OC80 over OXYMORPHONE? I just dont get it, should i ask for another type of medicine? Or are the IR tables going to be just freakin dandy? any help would rock my world!
-G-StrinG aka Garret

p.s. nickname G-StrinG is a long azz spring break story.

03-01-2007, 08:03 AM
Oxymorphone is not very BioAvailable in any form used orally. No matter if it's IR or ER it's not going to "rock your world" unless you have a low tollerance. The only way that Opana is going to be very good is if it can be somehow made injectable (which may be possible with the IR). IV Oxymorphone is right up there with H for euphoria.

Be safe and let us know how it goes for you.

03-01-2007, 09:19 AM
I have been taking Opana ER for about 3 months now. I take 40 mg in the morning and 20 mg at night. I have tried several break through pain meds including: Opana IR, Fentora (Fentynal that you put in your check and let dissolve), and oxycodone. At first I didnt like the Opana ER very much but now I like it alot more. If you wet your finger slightly and rub on the outer coating for a moment then dry or wipe off the moisture you can then easily scrape off the outer coating with your nail. I then crush the pills and spend a fair amount of time breaking it up w/ my credit card. I snort half a pill at a time (10mg worth). I do this every 45 minutes to an hour at night. This gets me feeling good and euphoric.

Papa Verine
03-01-2007, 09:54 AM
I was going to suggest you snort them. You say you got the IR?

All this confusion about Opana comes from the fact that they have poor bioavailability. Taken orally, Hydromorphone or Oxymorphone are not going to be very strong. You have to shoot (A LITTLE) or snort it. Given IV, these drugs require much lower dosages for a much better effect. I've gotten shots of 2mg Hydromorphone in the ass (Not IV) and felt pretty good. Swallowing a 2mg Dilaudid pill would be a waste for me.

03-01-2007, 10:41 AM
OK, so i got them today, and my insurance is messing up so i had to pay 68 bux for 28 of them! Shit, just wait till i get the 10mg Instant release and get them for a while month! blah..well anyways i realize that they have poor bioavialability and my doc insists that theses will work. To get a good dose of a MILD euphoric buzz and good pain relief, anywhere frmo 45-50mg of oxycodone does the trick nicely. So i get the 10mg instant releases in 2 weeks, the 5mg IR's are just to get my body used to the medicine. Know any other tricks to try and make it work better? Drinking grapefruit juice? a beer? ( they said at the pharm and on the website that it increases the plasma concentrations, and ideas?) or any other tricks? And since i will have to 10mg IR tabs how much is carried down to actual pain medicine? I think i saw a website that said 10% is the amount of meds that is actually working with each Opana pill. MOUZIN, you also say that u use the ER pills and that works, from what i have read, the ER's have not only a silica coating wrapped aroud the outisde and in the middle, but each molecule is compounded with the time release mechanism as well, so even when u crush it the, amount released doesnt really become affected to a certain degree. I also know from my classroom studies that insufflating opana=BAD NEWS. The silica can cut up your alveoli in the same way the fiberglass from cigs do causing a serious COPD after long term use. Like i said im in the PRE-PA stage and i dont know for certain about these kinds of drugs because I am also an EMT-I and we use mostly morphine sulfate or Hydromorphone for prehospital settings, but these are always under physicians orders. Stuff like Opana and actual pill forms are out of my league per se. Ill get there, just not yet :) So I am in CP and i have BP episodes that put me back on the couch or in bed for hours sometimes. Hopefully this will work. Another good think to try is to get ahold of some phenergan (Promathezine). This anti-nausea medication not only relaxes you, but potentiates the opiod that has been taken. Its easy to get ahold of and lets of girls have them for various reasons and if your taking a serious pain med or even anything from Hydrocodone and up, ask your pain doc or Ortho doc or whom it may ever be, to prescribe you some phenergan or promathezine wich is the generic version. It really does work but as far as the IR tabs go maybe fatty foods? a couple of percs on top of it? i dont know, but im trying to research oxymorphone, but it is a hard drug to look up, there arent alot of forums about this drug. I am also qurious how to make it IM (Intra-Muscular) injectible. Even though i can give IV's and draw blood, etc. Something about shooting an oral for of medicine into my veins doesnt sound gravy. Any thoughs on how to make the IR tabs better at the bioavailability or a conversion from the IR tabs to a clean IM shot?
lemme know yall!

03-01-2007, 10:59 AM
I think i saw a website that said 10% is the amount of meds that is actually working with each Opana pill.

Ok check this out. http://www.drugs.com/ppa/oxymorphone_hydrochloride.html
The bioavailability is 10% according to this website. So all we have to do is find out much much is needed for it to work, and then calculate based on this. Like I said i have some IR tabs and i will report back.

03-01-2007, 01:01 PM
I took the Opana 20 mg ER and the Opana 5 IR for a month (stopped cos I lost my insurance and the script straight cash is $500 total for both combined). My doc wants me to go back on it as soon as I have insurance again cause he has a bit of a boner for it when compared to OC and OxyIR. If you are looking for a buzz, OC is much better. Analgesia...it's pretty comparable, especially when you consider that your body breaks oxycodone down into oxymorphone when it passes through the liver.

03-01-2007, 01:14 PM
Wellthen why not just use the source? IVe been reading tons of things online about this mysterious drug and here is what i have come up with
Alcohol raises plasma leves and gives a greater buzz and analgesia, but too much=death.
A full stomach of fatty foods will make it more potent withincreased plasma levels, (the pill box tells you to take on empty stomach and not to drink alcohol with it)
Anyone every tried plugging it? Although i think that it tends to sound more junky-like.
and then phenergan works too or just pop a few percs with it (waht I am prescribed to do).
Anyone else have any ideas? Does pluggin it actually increase the absorption? I know it turns into a gel-like substance when mixed with saliva or water, could that be the answer?