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02-25-2007, 11:12 AM
Hello gang. I'm new here, if this is covered elsewhere pls let me know and all apologies...

I am a legit pain patient (SCI nerve pain) as well as rec. drug enthusiast. I'm fairly opiate tolerant (4-5 oxy 80's per day, chewed). The opioids do a decent job on the pain when the dose is right, but my doc has capped the oxys as above and it's gotten out of control again. Then she started me on generic fentanyl patches - 50ug then 100ug - and I was totally disappointed. No noticeable effect, so I started using them orally.

I saw another thread here where people were questioning whether you can get high this way. I'm here to tell you, you can. Watch out though. Last month I went through my 30-day supply - ten 100ug's - in ten days, and had horrendous withdrawal symptoms afterwards - even with the oxys. (My wife dispenses the pills - necessary based on past hard experience - but doesn't yet realize the abuse potential of the fents).

I was doing 1/2 a patch at a time, but this month I'm cutting back to quarters. And I'm still getting a great effect, in both pain control and nice nods. FYI, what I do is carefully fold the piece over, sticky side out (obviously), and overlap the edges just enough to stick. ThenI just keep it under the tongue or between cheek and gum. Give it a careful chew (so as to not get it all gummed up) to start and again every few minutes. When I can't taste anything left, I go ahead and chew the hell out of it for up to a half-hour. (Actually, I'm not sure the first part of my procedure is all that necessary. It seems like it's the chewing that really gets it working, so I might try skipping straight to that.)

WARNING - Start slow! Like I said, I have a substantial tolerance, and for me, chewing two 80mg oxycontins does nowhere near what chewing half a patch does. I get very drowsy, and I have to be careful not to let dreamland bleed over into real life, i.e., I've alarmed my wife a couple of times by talking nonsense.

Here's my question for you folks. On another site, I remember seeing a thread about Duragesic where a user was into scraping off the gel and eating it. After several months, he was feeling ill and, when tested, his liver enzymes had gone kablooey. He decided that it was the solvents in the gel that had caused liver damage. Pretty alarming.

Now, these generic patches are different as we know. Instead of a gel packet in the middle of an adhesive patch, the fent is simply dissolved in the adhesive itself, and there is no packet or gel to scrape off. Thus, I suck/chew the plastic patch itself.

As best I can tell from the literature, the only inactive ingredient is silicone - basically the same stuff as they recently started putting back in boob-job bags, correct? And as far as I can tell from reading, silicone is not particularly toxic. And the amount I am consuming with the fent is relatively small. I am also likely ingesting a bit of the plastic patch material.

So, aside from the risks of the drug itself, are there health risks to taking these patches orally? Any opinions/thoughts/guesses on this? I can't afford to abuse my liver any more than I have done.

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02-25-2007, 12:28 PM
Good informative post Misfire. Wish I had more knowledge about patches, I just don't. I only fucked with one once, the ONLY time I've ever fell out from an opiate.