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12-16-2006, 01:54 AM
OK, I got a question. This isn't my usual game these days, but has anyone had experience with shooting Adderall, specifically Adderall XR? I used to get the 30mg adderall tablets (little orange dealies, mostly sugar for filler) and I could shoot those no prob. But I came across some Adderall XR capsules, and I know you can just empty out the beads and crush to break the time release matix on them. But the liquid I drew up was thick, kinda bubbly and opaque. Upon seeing this, I got a bit freaked, and decided I probably ought not put that in my vien, so I just ate it. But has anyone else had experience with these, and can you in fact shoot them with relative safety? Like I say, I don't normally do speed anymore, but on the rare occassion that I do, I prefer to shoot if possible. Plus the stuff last longer taken orally, and I prefer speed to be done with faster and to have it hit me right away, rather than wait and then be twacked for 12 hours or more (hence why I don't usually do it unles I have some strong opi's to mellow me after a few hours).

Any info on experience with this would be appreciated.


12-16-2006, 02:15 AM
Dunno about those XR fuckers... but I've had friends who shot the IR ones...

and back when I used to use addies and dexies alot I would always make my XR 30s into an IR form. Simply crushing them doesn't work. The time release mechanism shit in those is more so chemically htan physically or w/e... I would always crush the balls and let soak in a 50/50 mix of ethanol and water for a good 8-14hrs in a closed air-tight bottle on VERY low heat..., then would filter with a coffee filter, put solution on plate and let evap... scrape and sniff or eat... it makes them IR and gets rids of all insoluble stuff(aside from what might be soluble in ethanol but not water of course). I would assume if you do this then prepare like you would a regular shot(filter again with water...) it might be shootable...

I'm not IV user though so... can't rlly help man. Good luck]