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12-02-2006, 01:46 PM
I usually take 8 vicaprophen (7.5 mg hydrocodone 200 ibuprofen) and 4 phenegrans (25mg) a day (ummm, that's what I am prescribed, the reality is very different, LOL), but I ended up seeing a new doc on my last appt (my doc was out sick). So of course the first thing she does is start monkey-ing around with my meds. She wanted me to try Lyrica and would NOT SHUT UP about it until I agreed... which I am pissed about but that's another story.

The first Lyrica (75mg) I took with 5 vics and 4 phens. I was as messed up as if I had taken 10 vics! My heart rate shot up of the charts which did scare me a little, but other than that it just felt like I had taken way more hydro than I did. I was nodding off like crazy and couldn't walk straight at all with a LOT more dizziness and uncoordination which I wouldn't have gotten on opiates alone.

The next day I took one Lyrica alone to see what it felt like by itself. I felt pretty uncoordinated and weird, almost like a jumbo dose of benadryl, basically almost drunk but still functional; it was odd. About 2 hrs later I took the vic's (5) and phens (4) and was getting pissed because after an hour I felt nothing. Nada. Zip. 5 vics doesn't get me high (I am trying to cut my dose down), but usually I can feel them a little. It seemed like the Lyrica had cancelled out my other pills! Until about 2 hrs later... suddenly, I felt the vic's kicking in... and kicking in..... and kicking in.... I was getting higher than a kite. They kept getting stronger over a 2 hr period until I was almost drooling, LOL.

It's way too early to say anything for certain, but I am getting the distinct impression Lyrica can really potentiate (or augment?) hydrocodone. I'm pretty impressed so far with it's abilities in that area. But as for actual pain control on it's own, Lyrica did not do a thing for me. I don't think it has much recreational value by itself, but this is just a first impression without a much experimenting to back it up. I can see how great it would be for a sleep aid, though.

I get the feeling it might have some value for opiate WD's, but I haven't tested that at all. I'll probably get the chance next week, though! She cut down on my vics hoping "to give the Lyrica a chance"... yeah, right. I can tell she isn't a doc who will readily prescribe opiates, which is why I won't be seeing her again!

Even though my Lyrica experience is very limited at this point (I have only taken 5 total), this is how it's looking to me:

value as recreational drug: not likely for opiate user, but possibly for someone who doesn't do any other kind of drugs

value as a potentiator: good, possibly very good, need more experimentation

value for WD's: no knowledge of that yet, but experience so far guarantees I will try it!

value as a speed aid: excellent so far

I'd love to hear from others who have taken Lyrica and what you thought of it, especially if anyone has tried it for opiate WD's.

12-02-2006, 01:57 PM
Yeah I've taken Lyrica twice, once by itself and once with some other opiates and I pretty much felt like you did. The Lyrica certainly added to the over all drunkenness but I didn't notice any euphoria from it, or feel-goodiness (nice word I made up there), but I definitely felt more drunken. And I was nodding a lot more on it too.

My dad takes Lyrica for nerve pain that he has and it appears to work pretty good for that sort of thing. He used to take Neurotin and from what I understand Lyrica is some sort of a derivative or analog or something of Neurotin. For the first month and half he's been having a really hard time staying awake at work, and when he gets home he goes straight to bed. He's gained like 35lbs on the stuff in a month and half. Which would be a good thing for opiate users because of the skinnyness and loss of appetite and all that that's associated with opiate use.

That's my limited experience that I can share about the drug. I think it's really new so there isn't a lot of info on it anywhere yet.

12-02-2006, 02:15 PM
Yeah dv, I can't believe I forgot to list that as a side effect! It's unreal how much I have been eating for the past few days. I think my appetite is fairly normal and average in general, but with the Lyrica, WHOA! I could *not* stop eating last night and never did feel really full.

If you need to gain a few pounds, Lyrica seems like it would be great for that.

12-03-2006, 04:47 AM
Did she seem like she was prescribing a pill or trying to sell it to you? I swear these pharm company kickbacks are turning doctors into used car salesmen. That's just my guess based on how you'd described her sales pitch, combined with the increase I've seen in magazine advertising, and relatively new approval for the drug.

Perhaps she just wants you on something with less recreational/abuse potential, but it seems a bit odd for her to change your meds when she's just met you, and isn't even your usual doctor.

12-03-2006, 01:27 PM
Did she seem like she was prescribing a pill or trying to sell it to you? I swear these pharm company kickbacks are turning doctors into used car salesmen. That's just my guess based on how you'd described her sales pitch, combined with the increase I've seen in magazine advertising, and relatively new approval for the drug.

Perhaps she just wants you on something with less recreational/abuse potential, but it seems a bit odd for her to change your meds when she's just met you, and isn't even your usual doctor.

You won't believe this, but that's EXACTLY what I said to someone about her... I said it was like talking to a used car salesman who had a big pitch on how great this stuff is. Honestly, she wouldn't shut up until I agreed to try it. Oh well, whatever. I am going to call my regular doc tomorrow and tell him to straighten out my damn scripts. She was obviously wanting to get me off the hydro - but that ain't gonna happen. God, I hate seeing a new doc, they always want to start out at square one again... "Have you tried Aleve?" FOR CHRISS' SAKE!!!!!!!!

As far as the Lyrica goes, I think it might actually be helpful for WD. I am tapering down right now due to the decreased dosage she prescribed and usually I would be pretty antsy and anxious by now, but the Lyrica really helps. It does a good job with anxiety. It's also very good for sleep. But jezz, I can't stop eating! I bet I have gained 10 lbs in 3 days!

The biggest thing I am finding, other than the 'drunk' feeling, is that it makes a small amount of opiates work much better and far longer. For me, it has turned out to be an excellent potientiator.

It is something I would like to have in my medicine cabinet at all times, but not for an everyday thing, just to help with the bad times.

12-03-2006, 02:38 PM
I've been on that stuff 2 or 3 times(1month each). It didn't help my pain the least damn bit!
Though it did have some effect that was noticable like you said about the potenation... back when I got the OC20s they gave me 50 or 75mg of Lyrica twice daily. It was great for sleep though, which I usualy have a prob getting(when i dose up on my opis i get up wanting to party instead of sleep lol).

I still got like 2 full bottles of teh stuff too, so if you do more experimentation and find out it can potenate opis then I may conduct an exp too :p Like did you just take 1 Lyrica? 5?


12-03-2006, 03:27 PM
I also started taking Lyrica recently. The first couple of days I was so whacked out I felt unable to drive I felt so uncoordinated. This side effect went away quickly. I have noticed if I take( 2) 75mgs I get very tired. I'm not so impressed with it's potentiation qualities or it's ability to relieve pain. So far it has been fantastic for anxiety. I think it's way better than the Ativan I normally take. I'm also very impressed with it's use in easing WDs. My anxiety levels and back aches seem to respond to the lyrica during WD. To me this is the worst part. I never seem to be able to make my OCs and Percosets last more than about half the month so having this Lyica around is a huge help.

12-05-2006, 03:53 AM
Hmm, this interests me now... exactly hwo well is Lyrica for full out opiate WDs(3.5+ years of being on, daily of course lol)? I'm sure ti would help some ppl like for low-dose oxy or hydro WDs but what if you're a heavy opioid dependent person? Such as a user of Fentnayl, Oxycodone, Morph, and dope(and Lortabs..lol) a very few times a month...

How would the Lyrica help out in this case? Would it make me able to get out fo bed and at least sit on the couch with friends or would I still be bed ridden busting up dying? Also, how safe/effective would the Lyrica be when used with Ultram(Tramadol)? I've got a couple bottles of the 50 Trams and tons of the 75mg(and 50 or 25...) Lyrica. Anyone who can put a combo together with these two along with Lortab and/or Darvocet for pretty damn bad opioid WDs I'd appreciate it. Taken that it'd be a safe mix!!!

Srry if this is irrelevant or changing the subject but you guys could even PM me with a response to keep from cluttering this guys thread with my Qs. THX AHEAD!


12-05-2006, 04:43 AM
Ive took the trams and lyrica before i was fine just the side effect of feeling blahhhhhhh! from the lyrica....tried it in wd mode also mom gets a script..75mg ..she knows im a user and know i was in w'd so she told me to try one....well that time i took it with nothing else in wd's and thats when i said i will never touch this shit agian even with a 10 foot polar bear claw...Just made me feel mmore like shit and very very tired...moms been on it for a couple months...she has LOST like 50 pounds and stays jacked up off of it all the time....this new shit they got out is very weird

12-05-2006, 10:06 AM
insaneike - I was taking 3 of the 75mg strength pills (at once) when I noticed it was working as a potientiator for me. I'd take it about an hour before the opiates on an empty stomach. I wish I would have had more pills for further experimenting, but the free week's trail has either 14 75's or 21 50's. It was strange how much longer the opiates took to kick in (an hour longer than normal), but they would keep on and keep on kicking in. Woohoo!

Also, you aren't hijacking this thread at all! I would like to know as much as I can about it and if we could figure out a little WD cocktail combo which might be helpful.

geanine.aurora - it sounds like you and I have had similar experiences with the Lyrica for anxiety, it did a great job with keeping me calm and able to sleep a little during mild WD's. The symptom of WD I hate the worst is the anxiety and sleeplessness, whether the WD's are mild or severe. I, too, found it useless for pain except for one thing - my toes stopped having the constant pins-and-needles thing going on from a pinched nerve. The pins-and-needles feeling hasn't ever been bad enough to actually require meds for it, but it was nice to not have it for awhile. Opiates have never helped that. Since Lyrica is intended mainly for nerve pain, I guess I shouldn't be so suprised.

Since I got the Lyrica, I haven't had any bad WD's to test out their usefullness in that area. I actually managed to taper down enough so I didn't completely run out this week (VERY unusual for me). I did find Lyrica to be a HUGE help when it came to tapering down, but I do not know if that was because I wasn't so stressed or because the Lyrica was helping me to physically feel better. I need to get another big bottle for testing purposes!;) The things I will do in the name of science. *Sigh*.

BizzyBone - I'm sorry you had a bad experience with it; I wonder if you had been taking some all along (instead of your first dose being during WD's) if it might have been helpful instead of making things worse... hmmm, who knows. But I know exactly what you mean, though. If I take something that makes me feel worse during WD's then I won't ever touch it again no matter what!

I don't know how it would work for hardcore opiate WD's, I am only on 8 hydro's per day at the moment. This may sound odd, but when I run completely out of hyro's for a few days I feel just as bad as WD's from 200+mgs of mainlining morphine and OC's. If I don't taper down at all (after 4 or 5 months heavy constant use), then to me all opiate WD's are pretty much the same. Guess I am in a minority on that.

Even though I can't say to what extent it helps during WD's - for me any help, absolutely ANY help is a bonus. If I can say I only puked 30 times instead of 40 or I slept 10 mins instead of nothing then it's worth it to me, lol.

OH - insaneike, I forgot to mention something I saw repeated in a lot of the info about Lyrica -

"Despite no known pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions, certain adverse events which may result in impairment of cognitive and gross motor function may appear more commonly when Lyrica is co-administered with oxycodone, lorazepam or ethanol."

- but oddly enough hydrocodone is specifically mentioned as not having this same effect! I can't figure out why not, but nonetheless, be careful if you decide to try it.

Damn, I didn't mean to write a book on this.:rolleyes:

12-12-2006, 03:44 PM
I tried lyrica as one of my first pain meds and I slept a little better. Other than that all it did was give me erectile dysfunction.

Paregoric Kid
12-29-2006, 07:16 PM
I tried 150mg once and then another time tried 300mg. it's strange. both times it was when my methadone was starting to wear off and I smoked with it and I got these rushes, kind of dizzy and lightheaded. very strange, felt drunk and had trouble with coordination. I'd say it's similar to benzos or barbiturates but not exactly. I drank 3 or 4 beers when I took 300mg. by the end of the night I was so dizzy and tired I had to go to sleep. when I closed my eyes I felt really dizzy and could visual some really strange things. it has some effects similar to ambien and benzos because it made me tired and also slight amnesiac effect (like ativan, ambien, etc), I guess my friend came over after I passed out and he said I talked to him a couple times then got up and smoked a cig and passed right back out. I forgot he came over until he told me the next day. interesting stuff I wonder if it's anything like qualuudes, never got to try those. I've heard of lyrica described as a cross between ghb and e.