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07-16-2011, 11:46 AM
Does anyone here regularly use heroin on top of their methadone dose? I am curious if anyone is still able to get high on heroin while taking methadone every day.

If you use both, what is your methadone dose, and do you take the methadone every day? Also, how much heroin do you need to get high while on methadone compared to when not on the done? Do you use heroin every day while still taking methadone? If you do, what has it done to your tolerance?

Do you still get the same high from heroin while taking methadone? What has been your overall experience using heroin while on methadone?

07-16-2011, 01:04 PM
Back in the day,when I was on MMT I'd use as much dope as often as I could on top of the done(up to 120mls) I wouldn't really get high from the dope,but the effect would be cumulative.

This is obviously a dangerous mix and it would be far better to sort out a suitable MMT regime.

07-16-2011, 03:09 PM
Does anyone here regularly use heroin on top of their methadone dose? I am curious if anyone is still able to get high on heroin while taking methadone every day.

If you use both, what is your methadone dose, and do you take the methadone every day? Also, how much heroin do you need to get high while on methadone compared to when not on the done? Do you use heroin every day while still taking methadone? If you do, what has it done to your tolerance?

Yep, I did this for almost 20 years.. Not to be adviced though. I was on about 50 to 80 mgs m'done daily and always swore to myself NOT to use any H that particular day. Well.. I guess it doesn't work that way.
I usually ended up buying a G in the late afternoon, to use on top of my morning (methadone) dose. And yes, I still felt it. (Although I should confess that the last time I've had a decent high from H was about 20 years ago.. Somehow you'll never experience that initial rush once you've been into the game over a decade).

So I ended up with a double addiction and needed at least 120+ mgs methadone whenever I decided to *really* give up H "once and for all". Somehow methadone never took away my cravings, no matter how much I used. Also, you get used to both so even when I took my morning methadone dose I'd still get sick in the evening if I didn't take any H.

On the other hand, methadone was a blessing - well sort of - since I never had to go to work sick. I'm not the kind of person that has the willpower to save a dose for the next morning so I usually woke up sick. Then took my 80 mgs methadone and by the time my cravings got intense - and my workday was over - I picked up 1 G, which would get me through the night.

Naturally I could not keep this up financially (nor physically, the quality started to suck big time around 2002/2003).

Concluding: I would never advice anyone to use both at the same time for a considerable amount of time.
Your tolerance will sky rocket (and your wallet will most likely head in the opposite direction).
I'd say that, as long as you have the means, you're probably better of using dope alone.. Keep the methadone for emergencies or for that day when you really, really want OFF all this shit but can't do it any other way (like using subs etc.).

07-16-2011, 04:24 PM
I have. The cumulative thing is true, but by and large it really didnt do much for me. One time I found a half gram bag that I had hid rather too well. I did it in two shots and felt nothing.

ME and another guy who were buds before he also joined this site would use also. I was getting off the Mdone so it got better and better. He was on 240 mgs I think, which is insane to me. Anyways i had two connects. One for decent dope that was good qauntity, the other for really great dope but came in tiny amounts and cost WAY too much. Well once he tried the good dope it was an everyday thing since he could still get a rush and then nod all day.

I dunno, 240 mgs of done and he still felt it. Crazy to me, but who knows what all factors play in. I was only on 80mgs a day (for a long time so it was built up in my system. But a decent dope and a good amount got me nowhere. I also shot up Opanas and dilaudid, roxis felt absolutely nothing, except a hurt in the wallet.

Miss M
07-16-2011, 04:51 PM
My SO does this on occasion. He gets 155 mg of m'done a day and says he can feel a quarter gram if he does it in one go....but he's clearly not loaded from it like he was prior to the 'done. I think it's mostly psychological....for him, anyway....

07-16-2011, 05:38 PM
I have been on MMT for about 4 1/2 months now... And my daily dose is 110 mgs. But of course, this isn't my first rodeo either.

Every single time I bottom out, fuck it, back to the MF'en clinic. And I'm sooooo gratefull for the 'Done.

Then I grow to despise the fuckin bile I must choke down on the daily, to serve as an end, no getting a "decent" rush from the dope that I will ultimately end up spendin' my fetti on.

It is kinda frustrating... I take myself to 110mgs to hinder cravings, and fuck it, to guarantee that I stay well for the day.

SO when I do these big ol' fat shots of dope, I can definitely catch a heavy nod... But it is too short lived. Definitely nothing even close to a rush, but I'm a sucker for the pins and needles, needles and pins sensation, riding up my body. Adds to the overalll satisfying experience I crave from my dope. Which is pretty regularly great quality BTH, gunpowder on occasion.

Call me crazy, but I rather prefer stacking BTH on top of 'done... It's just a more prolonged body high. Which compliments the 'done better IMO.

07-17-2011, 06:11 AM
I use on top of my daily 150mg methadone every day. Smoke between 0.2 - 0.4g per sitting, twice a day. My personal favourite is the smoke I have just after dosing in the noon. The effect is no more diminished than it would be by tolerance. Also, I have managed to hugely reduce my gear intake.

As Nick & Saint have already pointed out, it really isn't wise to do both together. Especially if you're IVing your dope.

If I don't use any gear, I get minimal w/ds. I don't experience the phenomena of methadone blocking the effect of gear. Where I am, smoking is very common & everyone I have asked about this blocking effect looks at me like I'm talking shit. Maybe it blocks the rush of pinning. Anyone else not experience the blockade?


07-17-2011, 09:01 AM
I think it varies from person to person, & I know ive said this before, but I have done 500mg of oxymorphone on top of my 70mg done and felt NOTHING. 100mg was IV also, the rest insuff.

This doesnt mean that I dont believe those who say they get high on top of their dose...i just cant.

Hence why I started an IV coke/crack binge. I have not shot any coke in weeks tho so thats good...however just typing this made me start sweating and needin to shit.


07-17-2011, 10:14 AM
pretty much the same here^^ maybe its a good thing tho.

07-17-2011, 12:26 PM
I think it has to do with your dose..

I did MMT at SanFran General (it was free so shit, WHY NOT?)

I was on 60mg and dosed about 10am every day.. had NO problem feeling it even a few hours later (maybe needed a little more dope) but if I waited until like 6-8pm my regular .5g shot did me just fine..
The only thing I would say was a little different was that the high was more noddy and less euphoric.. Im one of those people who likes to do shit when I am on dope.. clean the house, go to a party etc. so it was a little different.. more like reaching the end of the night early.. Oh, well..

We were allowed to skip days without much consequence (if you missed 3 days in a row you you would be released and have to wait a month to sign up again) so sometimes I would only go 4 days a week or so..

I guess they are so lenient in SF County as they figure its better to give junkies an option to not be sick when they need it (the backup plan) so people aren't out doing desperate and stupid shit when they can't get their hustle together.. they don't really expect you to or insist that you quit.. they just give you the means if you want it and allow you to be able to live a somewhat humane life as a junkie at the same time..

07-17-2011, 03:00 PM
I don't see too much H around me but I do come across loads of Dillies/Hydromorph Contin quite often, so pretty close to H. I have been in MMT for almost two years now. In the beginning I was using over 100mg daily; sometimes allot more, but tapered down about a year ago to 80mg. With regards to the Dilly my man has done 60mg IV, which is a stupid/ridiculous amount and feels a very slight rush and no legs at all. I am not sure if Hydromorph has the binding affinity to be able to overcome methadone. That may be the reason the Dillies just won't work no matter the dose.

In fact; my man gets regular Rx's for Fent patches and they are the only Opi that seems to break through the methadone, and he now has found a better quality of life using a smaller methadone dose and fentanyl on top everyday, then just a large dose of methadone alone. That being said I have never liked methadone and never experienced even the slightest buzz, just side effects. So I did give it a go on just meth but life was hell.

So is it true that the Opioid must have a lower Ki, "higher binding affinity" then methadone to be able to breakthrough, and is this why even massive doses of Dilly won't work and so far only fent will breakthrough. Or could it have more to do with the users actually receptor down regulation then the binding affinity? Any thoughts on that?

It scares me to think of any users with high tolerance, that god forbid may need surgery or actual pain control. What the hell would happen in the hospitals. Us: "Ummm. hey Dr...... I need a min of 100mg dilly shot on the hour, every hour" Dr.: "HAHAHA, you will get 2mg like everybody else"

Scary thought.