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10-30-2010, 07:52 PM
Here it is a new method that gets the oxymorphone out of those ER's without having to wait 12 to 24 hours. This method is copied from a very chemistry oriented site and posted by a very smart fellow by the name of jboogie.

"i would like to think that i invented this method, but there are some posts i have seen at other sites of kids donig the same thing as jb does. so maybe he didnt invent this tech, but he's been doing this for much longer than anyone else he knows and his adventures far predate the shit on the web.. but i digress. take your opana and crush it after removing the coating. place the crushed pill in a shot glass. add about 3cc's of 91% IPA (gotta bee the 91%, the 70% will gel the fuckers up) and heat it up. jb uses the microwave... just a 5 second blast and then 10 seconds off, then 5 more on... for a total of 15 seconds. if it begins to boil, stop the microwave. you will have to adjust this method to you microwave. the end result is a slightly milky solution that is free flowing. suck the shit up thru a cotton ball. place it in a table spoon. after the boiling, you will have about 2.5 or slightly less IPA remaining. pool these extracts.

now heres the fun part.. set the spoon on fire. yes, set it on fire. this will remove the alcohol and leave behind a film in the spoon. this fill is (i think) a layer of the TIMERx shit and your oxymorphone. i call this your egg white. thats what it looks and acts like. take that spoon with your egg white and add 2cc's of water. gently heat the water and you will see that the egg white separates from the spoon. it will float on top... just carefully poke a hole thru the egg white and allow the water to boil on both sides. you can push it to the side once you have heated it up for a while. ideally, you will have about 70 units of water remaining to bang. word of caution... be careful with the oxymorphone. its really strong and too much will send you to the hospital for a free dose of narcan. i have seen 2 people OD on these pills, one was with a 20mg and a half a 20, so 30mgs and the other was from 1 40mg. they are strong as fuck. treat it as a dilaudid. you only need about 5mgs to feel it, and 10mgs is enough to get hella fucked up. jb has done a 20mg shot and it kinda hurt. it made him see spots and sweat really bad. a lightweight woulda fell out fer sure. and a final note, you can save all the pills and egg whites to do a second pull on. careful here also, as jb has gotten higher on the rewash of these pills than the actual pills.. its also much harder to dose the second pulls. you have been warned."

10-30-2010, 08:05 PM
Thanks for posting this. I'm pretty sure we have more than few Opana users who have been frustrated by the time-release built in the pills.

port rhombus
10-30-2010, 09:49 PM
This is a variation of the isopropanol extraction methods that've been posted here and there.

What's the theory behind microwaving the slurry? It seems unnecessary and potentially wasteful.

As much as the young pyro in me enjoys a good ISO flash-up, I'd be more comfortable taking the extra ~5 minutes to evaporate the solution over a controlled heat source (done properly, this should greatly reduce the potential for overheating/destroying the good stuff).

That said, I have no idea at what temperature oxyM starts to break down. Anyone?

For those of you who are considering trying this, I know someone who'd seriously like to kick himself in the head for perfecting a similar process. I once said that "nothing good can come from snorting Opana ER", but injecting them is fucked on a whole new level. If you've got the tolerance to survive, you're almost guaranteed to develop a new habit. Be careful, friends.

10-31-2010, 10:57 AM
fuckit ill give it a try soon and let yall kno how it works.