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09-20-2010, 03:32 PM
This is my first post, but I've learned a lot about stuff from reading these boards for the last couple of months or so & I figured it's time I gave a little something back so as to help out some people in pain such as myself.
Well, I started out using opiates about 3+ years ago for chronic pain in my ankle dues to a bad break, plate & screws inserted & then arthritis developing (among other nasty things with it). I started off with 10mg vics & percs & when I was taking up to around 12-15 a day my Dr sent me to a PM Doc. He introduced me to Opana, which was brand new at the time & really expensive. It did work (20mg - 2 times a day) - and I had 5 percs for breakthrough. This doc ended up not agreeing to increase my dose after 3 months so I decided to seek treatment elsewhere & went with my family physician's reccomendation for their favorite PM Dr. He gradually increased my dose up to 2 40mg ER twice daily with 4 10mg Opana IR for breakthrough. This was all well & good for the first 2 months or so & then it just wasn't enough any more. The Dr sId that was the highest he could go with Opana, but that we could try others to see if anything else was better....so I went with equivalent doses of MScontin, embeda, Oxycontin, etc. Methadone was tried for a short time because he prescribes a lot of it with good results, but it didn't even come close to what the Opana did to relieve my pain.
I learned to insuffalate the opanas quickly enough, and that was the best relief (and high) that I could get out of these pills.....out of everything that I had tried. I didn't know it at the time, but my tolerance was skyrocketing & there were some days I'd be going through 400-500mg of oxymorphone per day. I could usually keep it at the prescribed 200mg per day, but usually it was really hard to do that. I use both the IR & the ER & I noticed that It seemed like I'd get a bit more (mg to mg) from the IR's so I began my experimentations. It was during a bad pain period so I was already used to taking 40-60mg nasally at a time (which I don't recommend doing unless you have a very, very high tolerance to opiates, and Opana in particular)
I took 1 40mg ER & crushed it up along with 1 10mg IR & up the nose it went. I did half up each side & the effects were felt a lot more than just doing 40 or even 60 of just straight ER. I think it helped to prevent the gelling effect from the timerx junk in the ER's, and not only did it hit me faster, but it lasted about 20% longer than I'm used to the ER's lasting. Since I also take Valium and/or Ativan I decided to e pediment by crushing & doing the same to mix with my 40mg ER's with excellent results. So now I'm able to take a 40 mg ER, one half of a 10mg Valium & crush combined & get 2-3 doses out of that that just about equalsthe effects from what I used to get from just crushing & sniffing one 40 ER. I know the finer the powder for ANYTHING when taken nasally is a must so combining that tried & proven technique seems to possibly give the oxymophone in a 40mg pill more surface area to reach my mucus membranes without gelling up as much. It allows me to go much further with my Opana scripts each month, and I don't have to ride out the last 10-15 days without my Opana (I use Methadone aquired through a friend to ride out the rest of the month if needed.)
So take it for what it's worth, but I have proven to myself (and there ain't no foolin yourself when it comes to shit like this, y'all know what I mean:-) that I can make my Opana ER's do a lot more for me by mixing it with either IR's (both IR & ER may not be available at the same time to everyone here) or another non-gelling pill when crushing into a fine powder before insufallating them. I use Valium and or Adivan because they are prescribed to me, but I'm sure a lot of other pills would work. I don't advise mixing different pills together in any way unless you are familiar eighths way they react with your body when combined so please do all of your research first, but if you have the meansto get both Opana ER & IR I highly recommend mixing them when crushing into a fine powder. The difference is incredible.
Hope this helps at least someone out there.

09-20-2010, 03:44 PM
Yeah, oxymorphone is awesome. I've never come across the instant release but if I do I will try your trick. By the way, you might want to add some more paragraph breaks in there. It's kind of hard to read. Thanks for the info though! Oh, and welcome to opiophile.

hydro chris
09-20-2010, 03:46 PM
welcome,best if luck as to reaching refill days each month w/ opana... i could never do it.
i was on 3 40mgs ER's a day and the 10 IR.
i had no prob. taken 400mgs a day the IR's wouldnt do shit for me though. opana ER= good stuff!!

09-21-2010, 07:55 AM
Sorry for the weird formatting on that rather long post. It took me so long to type on my mobile device that when I submitted it my session had timed out & it made me log back in. Luckily it was all still there, but it got all funky when I did submit it then.

Opana ER's are such a wonderful pill. So much intense, potent medicine all within that little yellow coated pod. I feel that even when it is turned into super-fine powder that you still miss out on all of it reaching your mucus membranes when I suffalated so I am essentially "cutting" it to spread the oxymorphone within (and the gelling agent) around with more soluble powder either with opana ER or a benzo, and then it doesn't take as much of that 40mg pill to take care of my pain. Instead of taking a whole 40 or sometimes 2 40's at once I'm able to use about a half to two-thirds of one with equal results.

I hope this makes sense & helps someone out there because it sure had helped me keep my useage down to almost what I'm prescribed (200mg - day) & not run into that oh-so familiar feeling of having to scrape by at the end of the month.

Best wishes!

09-22-2010, 06:28 AM
I too have noticed (and unfortunately) that opana is a very damn stubborn pill. Insufflating one 40, then waiting an hour and insufflating another has shown the best results if I'm in a lot of pain. Insufflating a 40 up each nostrile is just more goop than it's worth, and it seems like a lot of the oxymorphone is trapped inside opaboogers, not fully reaching your mucous membranes. I'll have to take your advice and try mixing one of the opanas with some of my roxy. Thanks!

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By the way, has anybody figured out a simpler way to get the shell coating off these buggers? I use the rubbing alcohol on a small towel to rub it off. Sometimes it seems to just take too damn long, plus having to wait 15 minutes for it to dry, or putting it in a tube sock and hitting them with a blow dryer.

Maybe that's the best method, and it's just me.. I rub the side with the 40 first in a circular motion, then flip it and rub the other side. I then rub each of the 8 sides carefully so that it doesn't lose it's original shape, and that none of the corners seem overly rubbed down and rounded off.

09-22-2010, 09:28 AM
I used to take the shells off of the 20's & 30's when I was first getting them, but through experience I have found there is absolutely no need to remove the yellow shell from a 40. Not quite sure why, but when crush a whole 40, shell & everything I get a fine, white powder, just as fine as fine can be. It also has no effect, either way in gelling if the shell is left on or taken off (just on the 40's for some reason). And I've crushed 1000's of em so I know.

I use the old trick I learned when I used to snort something else. I break the pill in half with my fingers, lay down the broken pill side down on a granite countertop (any hard flat surface will do) cover it with a dollar bill & then roll it with a bid lighter go crush. Then I take a credit card & run it over the bill with the stuff underneath both directions a fewtimes, scrape the pile back together, put the bill back over & repeat az needed. Best way I've found.....even better than a hose clamp since OC & Opana are so different. If you do it this way just add in whatever you're "cutting" it with (roxy's do work well, I hear that anyway :-)

09-22-2010, 09:40 PM
yeah ive left the coating on before and got the same high but i dont think it comes on as faster.. I usually just take a razor blade to these things ive become an expert at shaving the coating off an opana lol. And i used to take 100-200 mgs nasally but after getting off of them for a while i can do a 40 and be niiiice.

09-27-2010, 10:04 PM
How about using just a plain old aspirin?? Obviously you are using it as something to put in between the oxymorphone and the gel, right? Using another narcotic was not the point, yes??

10-02-2010, 12:06 AM
This is crazy. I was Rx'd Opana IR 10mg and 40mg ER's almost 2 years ago and I remember it not helping me as much as OC. Even tried sniffin...Idk if it was too long ago and I can't remember very well but I kow I switched back to OC after about 3 months.

Maybe I can switch to 40mg ER and stay on my roxi's for breakthrough..