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03-01-2010, 06:22 AM
I had something weird happen this morning.. I got outta bed, prepped a shot, hit the vein in the crook of my arm no problem, but about 2/3rds into the shot, I couldn't push the plunger down anymore. I thought it was strange, but maybe I accidentally pulled out of the vein, or something, so I tried to re-adjust and register.. I tried and tried, but couldn't get it.. I thought maybe, the needle got clogged somehow (it was a brand new Terumo 28g 1cc rig) but as soon as I pulled out, the plunger moved freely. I also noted very little blood came out of my arm when I pulled out, which is unusual. I re-applied my tourniquet, but could not get the vein in the crook of my left arm to appear. I switched arms, and found another vein pretty quickly, finishing my shot, but I've never had something like this happen before.

Has anyone else ever had a vein disappear mid shot? Did I FUBAR my vein? I normally always use safe shooting practices, and have very little (visible) damage from shooting. I've never had a vein "disappear" on me before, and it kinda scared me a bit. I had literaly just got up, and I've noticed when I shoot first thing in the morning, its hard to get a vein to pop up right away (slow circulation from sleeping?). Just wondering if anyone had any similar experience, and if anyone knows what kinda damage I might of done to myself.

03-01-2010, 06:25 AM
i've had this happen, but - tho i mostly practiced safe shooting, i didn't rotate like you're supposed to.....not rotating is why it happen'd.

the vein gets all hard and thick.....

what drug was in the needle?

03-01-2010, 08:36 AM
It was a pretty small heroin shot, but it appeared to have a weird cut. When mixing up the shot, it was a cloudy, tanish color, and the cotton absorbed some mushy gunk (looked like wet flour or something similar). I went out to breakfast, and have been moving around, and noticed that the vein in my left arm seems to have "surfaced" again. The vein itself doesn't seem to be hardened, other then a tiny bump at the injection site, which normally happens. I usually alternate arms, but normally use the same two veins, as they are super easy for me to hit. The veins in my forearms, and hands tend to roll like a mofo, and are hard for me to hit consistently. I geuss my vein didn't like the cut in the dope, and hid itself when I was trying to force the gunk into it =P I definately plan to take a couple week break, as I really don't want to develop DVT, or damage my circulation at all.

I was kind of in a rush this morning, and I knew I should of double filtered this gunk, but I wanted the dope in my veins before my friend showed up to take me to breakfast. The dope I usually get mixes up into a clear-ish tea colored liquid, but this stuff was cloudy as hell.. Who knows what the cut was.

03-01-2010, 08:56 AM
I also have had this happen, and have absolutley no clue as to why. I can think of one possible explanation given your circumstance...

Blood pressure is usualy quite low when you wake up. Its possible that the excitement of doing a shot got your pressure up a bit, making your veins more accesible. As you did the shot, maybe that initial excitement wore off and the blood pressure went back down, deflating the vein. Its also possible that, if you push in slowly, the initial effects of the dope lowerd yer BP as well.

This is just a random observation and is quite probably wrong. Maybe not tho.

03-01-2010, 11:27 PM
i agree that the low blood pressure soon after waking could be part of the reason. another thing to consider is that maybe you had the point up against one of the valves inside your vein. i only have one vein that will sometimes do this "disappearing act" thing sometimes, but it's the one that collapsed a few years ago. if left alone for long enough, it will open up enough to get a hit into.... but sometimes the scar tissue inside it will close right back up before i can finish the shot. usually not, but either way i won't be able to use it again after a hit until it's had a coupla months to open up again.

i would really encourage you to practice hitting some of those trickier veins in your lower arm... if you keep at those same two all the time, eventually there will be long-term damage.

03-01-2010, 11:49 PM
I've had this happen before too. my vein didn't disappear, but the plunger just stopped mid way through the shot. I don't think it fell out of the vein though because i re-registered and blood came in, but i went to push and the plunger just wouldn't go in anymore. I just used my other arm to finish the shot.

Could this be what your talking about Rxqueen? I have only been Iving for about a year and only shoot a few times a week but I do shoot pills frequently

03-02-2010, 12:59 AM
yeah, that's a classic case where i'd wonder if you were up against the valve inside the vein. lots of people don't even know that they exist... hell, i even had a problem once with a nurse doing this. she was trying to start my IV before a surgery, and put the needle into my hand and went up against a valve. she couldn't get the IV to start flowing at all, and kept wiggling it around, and digging till i was really squirming with pain. i finally requested someone else come to start it, since she would NOT go to the other hand like i asked her to (i knew that she'd hit a valve by then). sure enough, the next nurse came over and the first thing she said was "i think you went up against a valve." she started it a little more carefully in the other hand, and no problem!

damn... enough rambling. when you're against a valve, you can often still pull a flag but you won't be able to push anything in at all. you're best off to just try in a whole different spot then. be careful around those valves... you don't wanna go damaging them, or you could end up with some minor problems with your circulation in the area.

03-02-2010, 03:56 AM
I've had this same thing happen to me a number of times. Besides the good advice already given, I'd recommend alternating ice/heat on the area and not injecting there or the surrounding area for at least a couple weeks...otherwise you'll lose that vein!