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03-25-2005, 11:16 AM
I recently started taking methadone(pill form) to try and get off vicodin. I was taking 8-10 pills of vicodin, 5-500 mgs a day. I'm not going thru a doctor for the methadone so I'm not sure how much to take. Right now, I'm taking 5 mgs in the morning, another 5 mgs in the afternoon and another 5 mgs before bed. I just don't want to take too much and make an already bad situation worse.

I'm not sure what this website is all about, but I thought I would just put the question out there and see comes back.

Thanks for your input


03-25-2005, 01:32 PM
I'm not sure what this website is all about, but I thought I would just put the question out there and see comes back.hey, you're in the right place; we've got quite a few users of methadone here that can help you out.

that's a tough one; I would almost think it easier to use vicodin to come off of methadone, rather than the reverse. I've personally detoxed from heroin with methadone and managed to stay clean for a couple of years. i took the smallest amount of methadone that i needed and only when i needed it, decreasing my dose each day until i ran out. the hard part is setting aside those "i can double my dose this once" or "i need more because of this or that" thoughts that fuck up the whole process.

any methadone users out there have some additional advice?

03-25-2005, 04:34 PM
if your only taking vicodin STAY AWAY FROM METHADONE!!!!!!!!!!!! i have come off hydrocodone many many times by gradually reducing the amount of pills. methadone is 10 times worse to come off of compared to vicodin. but if you have to do it, dont take more than 30mg in a 24hr period and DO NOT take methadone for more than 21 days. methadone should only be used for high grade pain killers and heroin and then in my poinion only if your injecting. a lot of peoplr disagree with that but im speaking from experience with hydros and the hard stuff.

03-25-2005, 04:42 PM
also try not to take no more methadone than you have to 10mg or less. i started methadone treatment over 3 years ago and just wanted it to be a temporary thing, now im not sure ill ever get off it. so stay away if you can! well i left that out so i thought i had better post this as well.one more thing, if you are only on hydro and you wanna kick, do so and never look back. theres nothing fun about pain pills and heroin once it gets a hold on you. misery is all you have to look forward to if you dont take that advice.well, i wish you luck and i hope you succeed. GOD BLESS! DARKANGEL

03-25-2005, 06:15 PM
If you only take methadone for a week or two, and keep the dosge below or at 30 milligrams you may not experience severe withdrawl. keep in mind that when first taking methadone you will not expereince the full effects for three days as the drug saturates the system slowly. the benefit of methadone detox is the long acting nature of the drug. I think methadone is a great short term tool for opiate detox, but its long term side effects can be just as bad or worse than smack. at least methadone is clean. dont underestimate the power of vicoden, the drug is metabolized into hydromorphone, or basically dalaudid. this is a potent drug that the bulk of users are misinformed as to its potency. part of reason the drug is used was because for the first ten years it was a patentable substance. big money. many people assume that vicoden is a low potency opioid. it is shorter acting, therefore people may tend to dose more, which usually makes a substance more addictive, than say, morphine, which lasts in the system for up to 12 hours.

03-26-2005, 03:04 PM
Aside from all the serious warnings not to take methadone Im curious as to if methadone has a strong recreational euphoria similar to oxys? would taking say 40mg be comparable to taking like 20mg oxy? Could someone with experience with this clear this up...some people say its not recreational and others say its better than oxys! confusion

03-26-2005, 06:02 PM
I think it depends on who you are, what situation is at hand. quitting dope and moving on to methadone it took me a week to really start feeling a high from methadone, and the relief from withdrawl started about 2 hours into being dosed. you might still feel mild withdrawl for a day or two as the methadone starts building up in your system. If you are a moderate opiate user or a very occasional user methadone can be a potently euphoric substance, people unaccustomed to opiates might get sick off of as little as 5 milligrams. 5 milligrams doesnt do alot for junkies in the habit. I like some of the effects of methadone, the stimulation, euphoria , the tonic effect that opiates can have. I at one point was double dosing everyday for a few months. this resulted in extreme constipation, bad enough that I would have had to have gone to the hospital. double dosing in the long term usage scenario was a bad idea. a person might be able to go two days between dosing given the long action of methadone.

03-26-2005, 07:09 PM
if you try to use it for fun it will very likely kill your ass, and it only gets you a high the first couple of times. it cant be compared to other drugs like oxy because its not the same, it doesnt metabolize in your system like other drugs. long after you have taken it and forgot about and especially if you take other stuff with it like xanax it KILLS YOU!its best left with the hard junkies. not for recreation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-27-2005, 01:12 AM
shit ...good to know... saved my ass.
guess ill just stick to oxys and masturbation

03-27-2005, 03:11 AM
As to whether or not Methadone is more euphoric then Oxycodone...I really think its going to be a different answer based on who you talk to. Personally I don't get any euphoria whatsoever. I can definitely tell I have taken an opiate, and its more noticable then bupe in my experience. However I don't really think its anywhere near as good as oxycodone or even hydrocodone. The people who say methadone is extremely euphoric probably have a low tolerance and/or are opiate naive.

03-27-2005, 07:39 AM
only 10% of the population is reported to feel euphoria from opioids. a person who feels euphoria naive or not is probably feeling just that, euphoria. it takes a person to know their own reaction. many cancer patients hate taking pain medication, whether it kills pain or not, so I think euphoria is also partially psychosomatic, as well as depending on body chemistry etc. I think further study of salvinorin a and its effects on 80% of the population may answer some questions. a paper I just read talks of the mediation that the kappa receptor plays on other opioid receptor site stimulation. I used shoot lots of heroin, and take all sorts of other opioids, fentynal is less euphoric that heroin, to me, heroin is less euphoric that morphine to me, heroin can cause me some dysphoria as well, some people cant feel hydrocodone and codeine. comparing threshholds of different drugs in one person is totally different than comparing effects person to person. methadone is so long acting that it can become hard to feel the effects when taking it, I know people that have been on methadone and done other opiates, and claim that they feel nothing from the added drugs. people are different it is as simple as that.I know people that are still on heroin, and pay for it, namely they pay people insane amounts of money for a product that costs next to nothing in mexico, is dirty etc. sometimes I think they are addicted to being a bad ass or pseudo rebel more than they "love dope" or anything like that.....I also know people that have chronic pain, and use heroin, their sense of euphoria could be linked more to relief than kicks. I geuss people use for a variety of reasons, and euphoria is linked to the psyche as well as the somatic experience. the best way to find out is from experience.

03-28-2005, 01:02 AM
I agree that a lot of it is in the head. Which is part of the reason that I think that experience can be a big factor in cases like this. Meaning that I think a lot of people with little experience could "think" themselves high off of almost anything. Kind of related my doc told me that during the trials for sub they would have patients who were complaning of severe withdrawals and saying they needed something else to help cause the sub wasn't working. The dr. would thenk administer them a shot of saline and say it was heroin and the patient would be instantly better. So anyway I think its more related to experience more then anything and not tolerance like I previously mentioned.

Paregoric Kid
03-28-2005, 08:21 PM
methadone is just as good as morphine. it gets you high all of the fucking time if you take a dose that suites your tolerance. it CAN be compared to oxycodone, and in my opinion it is fucking better than oxycodone. I can take 55-70mg of methadone and get more of an effect than one oc80 and a percocet or two together. if you take something that depresses your breathing with something else that does also of course it could be deadly, that is common fucking sense. it is for recreation but uneducated bastards like you have to mystify and demonize it for something it is not.

90% of the time people take methadone and don't get the desired effect is because they don't take a large enough dose

03-29-2005, 05:02 PM
all of you have computers, do web searches on methadone deaths. dont take my word for it! and by the way, that is why we have so much trouble getting methadone now! i hope nobody takes that advice...

03-29-2005, 06:16 PM
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Sykotherapudik Lee
03-29-2005, 06:34 PM
Not to dis an opiophounder, but editing posts for content? We're not looking at possible censorship at opiophile.org are we?

That aside, I've used methadone for recreation on hundred's of occasions. I'm not going to say that it's not dangerous, but
if you try to use it for fun it will very likely kill your ass, and it only gets you a high the first couple of times is ridiculous. I've partied with well over 10mg's and even though potent, I was nowhere near 'killing my ass'. I was on methadone for almost a year, and I would constantly drop my dose throughout the week, so when I went back on Monday I could double up and get high a good one day of the week. Methadone not for recreation? ***** please......

03-30-2005, 12:52 AM
hmmmm. opioarguments. flame wars. narcs. dogs. big brother chopping down the cherry tree. the truth about opiates. it is possible for an opiophile to get by on the legal side of things. does just knowing that a legal substance has opiate effects make it succeptable to the analog law jurisprudence? well, if milk and wheat contain opioids like casomorphin and casien then we all might be in trouble of having not just our drugs monitered and controlled, next it is food to the third degree, watch all the spices go down for amphetamine precursor- analog law considerations. then we'll be eating just what they want. shit. and like it. I think the point of opiophile is to communicate with other opiate addicts, users and hopefully at some point EXPERTS, students, etc, and share information so some people dont have to go through quite the fucking ringer with addiction when there ARE OTHER WAYS to address the problem for individuals than just some other persons idea of making money off of some other persons mental condition........the internet can help lend to society as a whole , one more tool against backsliding and losing ground as far as social issues are concerned. so it is really up to the individual opiophile where they want to take it. I am sort of suprised there hasnt been anyone posting about how opiates suck,how they lost this person or that person to addiction etc. if opiophile was to evolve into a diverse and complex entity of truths and feelings it would take more than just people talking about getting high. In the next twenty some years I expect some of the control of opiates will lapse just because of all these "novel" opiates that will and do exist, all the possible synthetics, but more importantly all the organic molecules that exist in nature that we dont know about yet, but soon will. I think that it will be fairly obvious to the scientific community, the general EDUCATED public, (yes that includes the junkies) and some law makers that just because something is an opiate doesnt make it an analog to illegal drugs, when milk wheat and other staple food products like POPPY SEEDS contain opiates. the idea I have is that a wave of increasing scientific study, nearing the apex of total or near total information aquisition of the molecular paradigm, will reveal such a plethora of opioids and other psychoactive compounds , maybe even psychoactive magnetic waves and light and other radiation, that the whole idea of opioid control insults the ultimate protection of evolutionary rights such as freedom of religion or other BASIC human tools of evolution, sush as, EATING FOOD AND TAKING MEDICINE. opiophounder doesnt edit to control, but to try and provide a forum structure that will hopefully minimize risks by having personally incrimination actions taking place WITHIN the structure of the forum. if that makes sense. It is one thing to talk about a past experience and quite another to use opiophile.org's forum posts as a place to try and score. talking about my precription tramadol is different than talking about some ketamine stashed up in the mountains, not that I really have any ketamine stashed up in the mountains. even talking about using poppy seeds to get high is somewhat risky in the totally stringent legal sense. I hope this forum doesnt get bogged down by bullshit. internet forums and the internet in general have helped to improved my lifestyle in some ways in the last few years. namely the aquisiton of commodities from places besides the general area that I live in, different products .....art. whatever. so post away, but please understand, if we gave everybody the right to edit, some of or most of this website might one day be riddled with so many lapses in content fluidity that it becomes unreadable. or sluggishly overmoderated. or worse yet, gets wiped off the face of the earth by big brothers memory erasing machine because it is UNDER moderated.

03-30-2005, 12:56 AM
by the way, I can only edit my own posts and not anyone elses. otherwise billi knows that I would fill his cartoon balloons with cat porn.

03-30-2005, 11:50 AM
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03-30-2005, 06:10 PM
to all of you who think ive been so unfair in my description of methadone: methadone has saved my life, if it wasnt for methadone i wouldnt be here now! my children, my wife, my family and friends are all grateful for methadone because of the difference it has made in my life! im sorry, im just not in that stage where opiates are so much fun anymore, im years past all of those misconceptions. yes, my pills was the greatest thing at one point, but, we cant all be in the same place, and we all cant have the same opinion, because some have lived longer and used longer. i have seen more death from methadone in my area than any other drug or anything else for that matter, forgive me if im a little cynical when it comes to methadone, burying your friends and family tends to make one that way!! we should all be able to voice our opinions on here without anyone attacking us for it otherwise the only thing that we would have to look forward to reading on here is meaningless crap and personal insults , so yes there has to be some censorship if thats what you want to call it, because i for one would like to get something from this besides another lesson on how pothetic people can be when they dont agree with you. i try to treat everyone with respect and i expect the same, after all opiate use is a very serious subject that has a profound effect on many peoples lives, its not all just fun and games. if i have offended anyone with anything ive posted then im sorry, that wasnt my intention! everybody just be careful out there and God bless you all!

Sykotherapudik Lee
03-30-2005, 07:30 PM
Alright, Lee has to step in and say something, regardless of how it flies....

Talking down to me is no way to get your point across. Telling me that you're "years past all of those misconceptions" is a load of shit. You can't blame anyone but yourself for not being able to handle your dope. Your misconception is your own; there's no need to point at me and say that I've a long way to go before I reach your blessed stage of enlightenment.

"Oh, don't touch it!" "Be careful!" "Methadone can KILL! KILL! KILL!"

What is with the people who couldn't hang? Why do they feel that I won't be able to, either? Because you've "lived longer and used longer"? Because you've "seen more death from methadone"? Come on.... Maybe you just couldn't hang?

03-30-2005, 08:43 PM
i wasnt talking to you or about you or responding to anything you posted. so why are you so pissed off? you know absolutely nothing about me, as far as hanging buddy, thats the problem i could hang way more than i should have, and by the way i wasnt pointing at you because i didnt even read your post or if i did i cant remember what in the hell your referring to. are you paranoid or just plain touchy, i dont know you or where your at in your life, if you took it to mean i thought i was enlightened more than you or whatever, then thanks, i didnt think of it like that im glad you enlightened me!ive seen what ive seen and it really had nothing to do with my meth. treatment, i did that for my kids and my wife.but anyway , like i said, i wasnt talking down to or to you in particular. i was simply stating why i came to the conclusion i did about methadone! so before you point your misguided anger at me, maybe you should deal with whatever you was ranting about in that last post, or maybe you just cant hang.this is so childish, GROW UP deal with your issues. ill tell you what, lets all just drop this b.s., you can post your brains out, you aint proving nothing to me! and i aint sold you on my opinion either! but if someone can point me to a website or ANYTHING stating how safe methadone is im all ears or eyes rather! but thats it im done here!

03-30-2005, 09:58 PM
i wont respond to anything hostile, i will simply use the IGNORE LIST from now on! and if you dont like what i post i suggest you do the same. im not here to argue i simply want to learn more about opiate addiction, use, e.t.c., e.t.c.! i dont pretend to have the answers to any of this. only my opinions, as misguided as they may be! i have way too many REAL issues in my life to argue with people i dont even know! but im sure somebody will find this offensive in some way.

03-31-2005, 03:05 PM
ok, I'm going to close this thread, as it has moved far beyond it's initial usefulness.

Just to add; the ignore list is a great way to avoid getting caught in the flame.

also, I haven't noticed too many members using the reputation system. I should've added this to the reputation annoucement in the 'how do i?' forum, but if your reputation gets low enough (and I mean pretty damn low, in the negatives) you're automatically booted from the forum. I'll expand on this and annouce it later.

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