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01-11-2008, 01:07 AM
I have recently been hitting the vein that is right above my armpit on the inside of my arm. I have been injecting opiates and other drugs for quite awhile, and I have very few veins left. I have no veins left on my arms, hands, or feet.

Anyways, I started doing some research, and I think that this vein above my armpit is called the Axillary vein. If I am right, then it is like the major vein for my whole arm. I would use a different vein if I could find one, but this is pretty much the only usable vein I can find right now. If I struggle for 20 minutes, I can sometimes get a shot in through a different vein, but this one above my armpit is so much easier. I almost wish I had never discovered it.

Is it bad to keep using the Axillary vein? I am afraid that if I keep using it, I will cause some serious damage. Does anyone have any experience using this vein? Is it safe to use? Would I be better off trying to use a vein in my neck, or should I keep using the axillary vein in my arm?


01-11-2008, 01:22 AM
someone else posted a few months ago about this vein with the exact same diagram (was it you?)

I was very skeptical at first, saying that it is a deep vein with no arterial pulse to guide you, so i even left a comment saying something like " Good luck finding that goldmine, bro!"

Well, i take it all back.
About a month ago i was desperately looking for a vein (having two large bumps on both sides of the groin, due to hitting the arteries at both sites)
So as a last resort i go looking for my armpit - bingo - on my right armpit there is a bulging fucking vein as i lift up my arm. It all seems to be too good to be true, but i register.
Man that felt good.
I even shaved my armpit, so i can access it more easily.

There is also one on my left armpit, but it seems to be much smaller - i don't even see it, but it's definitly there, cause i have hit it twice too.

Anyway, i still haven't gone back to my groin, letting them heal and using my right armpit.
It's a big fucking vein (at least the right side), but it seems like it won't last very long at the rate i'm going at it, with nowhere else to turn to rotate.

So basically it's been a month since i'm banging into it, and i haven't had any major problems with it, apart from the hard lumps forming alongside it due to repeated butchering.

If it was you who posted this info way back - my apologies, and i owe you one.
Take care

01-11-2008, 01:34 AM
No it wasnt me.

Yea, the axillary vein in your armpit is definitly a big one. I have one on each side, and I have been hitting both of them. I am just afraid if this vein were to collapse, it would cause major problems. It is the biggest vein in your arm, and I think it carries a large majority of the blood flow from your arm. If it collapses, does anyone know what would happen?

01-11-2008, 01:54 AM
from my understanding, it is one of the biggest, but by far not the only major one supplying blood to your arm.

There is also that brachial? vein that goes deeper and is almost as big as the one you're thinking of.
The fact that it is so big makes it very difficult to collapse, so i wouldn't worry about that too much.
I'd say abscescess and scarring/blockade are your major worries in this case.

Also veins have a very good capacity to branch out into smaller ones, in the unlikely event of this one collapsing.
I would imagine that you may lose some circulation in that case but nothing major.

This is all my speculation by the way, (along with some personal experience) and i'm far from a doctor, so anyone with medical experience would be a much safer bet for you to get info from on this.

I do think that this vein would be much more difficult to collapse than any other on your arm.
Think about it - you don't even need to use a tourniquet (banging with a tourniquet on being one of the prime causes for vein collapse)

Good luck!