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Paregoric Kid
01-15-2006, 10:59 PM
can you shoot or snort the extended release 60mg extended release morphine pills endo makes?

01-15-2006, 11:59 PM
Nope, tried it with some of mine. They gelled up and so there's no real way to get around the time release mechanism entirely; you're just better off swallowing or at most, plugging IMHO.

01-16-2006, 11:28 AM
PK, you can, it just takes A LOT of water. What I do is I treat them just like Oxy's. I cut the pill in 1/2, grind finely, then shoot 1/2. Then after that I shoot the other 1/2. It takes 2 shots but worth it in my opinion.

01-17-2006, 11:03 AM
This doesn't work with the Endos. The yeild will be pitiful. If you taste whats left in the spoon you'll see what I mean. The best are the PF and Mallies.

Good luck!

PK, you can, it just takes A LOT of water. What I do is I treat them just like Oxy's. I cut the pill in 1/2, grind finely, then shoot 1/2. Then after that I shoot the other 1/2. It takes 2 shots but worth it in my opinion.

01-17-2006, 06:13 PM
Yeah, Endo really has made abuse of these generic MSC's next to impossible. Which as a chronic pain patient I'm OK with. I just have to adapt to the need to have other tools in my arsenal, that's all.

As I learned today, I will always be my own doctor, first and foremost. No other person that I see in an office is ultimately in charge of my care, and when they reach their limits, I have to work with that instead of lamenting it and being frustrated. The correct course of action is to act....not sit here and bitch.

Sorry, it's just been a long day for me. My pain is still outrageous and disabling but I am beginning to feel like my doctor is never going to be able to give me enough tools to manage it without finding other supplementary options on my own. That's a frustrating realization, and Endo mscontins being my primary form of pain control, this got me thinking.

Truly, I have never been able to do anything but accelerate the gelling process so the release is a little quicker; I have never been able to get that gel to dissolve into anything.

01-27-2006, 04:58 PM
Hey, can you try to find ouit and post, what ingredients they have? Especially in what form the morphine is present? Like sulfate, hydrochloric ... or polysterol ...?

You could try to heat them for a long time in diluted HCl. Then decant into a filter, dry it, chop it dissolve in water and add something that it isnt so acidic anymore (sodium, Na2CO3). See the other topic I made. Those pills are there to release the morphine. Only over a long time. So why cant one let them release their goodies outside the body? And hydrochloric is the first that comes to my mind cause it is one of the major chemicals the body offers for digestion and for letting food and medics release thir goodies ...

I dont know if it works, SWIM is still running this experiment, but might work ... Give it a try.

06-09-2006, 12:33 AM
Thats exactlt what I reckon.As Bogumil said, they are designed to RELEASE the drug.So soak in a weak HCl solution for a coupla days, maybe warm gently.It will break down, it has to.

06-18-2006, 12:05 PM
well yes that will prob dissolve the pill. But you will still have the waxes, silicone, and cellouse shit to deal with. It me be dissolved for now, but its still in the soloution your putting into your veins. i am thinking that you could let all dissolve as said, and use an acid or base (whichever is needed i dont know) and percipate the morphine out. Or has that been already covered by bogmil? sorry not much good at chemistry.

10-02-2006, 09:15 PM
I just got a scrip of these endos instead of my usual mallies and yea I was NONE TOO PLEASED. It says on the bottle "Do not chew break or crush"; now that would lead one to believe that they can be made to release all-or-most of the morphine by doing just that however, it seems these bastards have found a way to keep even crushing them from breaking the time-release matrix. I "plugged" a couple 100s[=200mg total dissolved in about 2ccs warm H²0 and delivered by small bulb-syringe] a few nites ago and, I daresay,-I think they actually worked -! I was nodding, however gotta consider that I'd eaten 400-500mg earlier and the plugging deed shortly followed the estimated peak of my oral dose.
All the information on this isn't in yet. Stay tuned.

I also think another way that might work is to take a test tube about the size of a finger, place 1 or 2 whole endo ms 100s in the tube and add just enough tepid H²0 to cover the pills completely. Cork/seal the top and swirl it around for a few and just put it somewhere to sit overnite. In a few hours you'll notice that the caplets DON'T dissolve, they just sit there like dumb shits and get a "fuzzy" appearance. Every few hours I'd gently swirl the tube. Try not to agitate it enough that the pill starts to fall apart. They're surprisingly resilient. The water remains crystal clear. Next day take a glass stir rod or something sterile that you can dip into the liquid and taste what's going on. You'll detect the unmistakable bitterness of the morphine. I imagine in x amount of time the majority of the soluble morphine will make its way into the water and the bulk of the binders and shit will remain in the still pill-shaped globs at the bottom of the test tube. Simply drain off your liquid, filter and draw up into your rig. If you used about 1.5± ccs of water per 100mg pill to start off and you didn't let any evap. off (something that may or may not be worth a try for reduction purposes.-?) Then try using about 50 "units" (U-100 insulin measure) and see where that gets you. TASTE FIRST and make sure you've got something bitter enough to boither sticking yourself with.

My experience was modest, but I WAS able to get a nice little pins and needles rush and that means I partially succeeded, correct? Perceivable high lasted briefly but it was there. STILL this is too much trouble than I'm willing to subject myself to for a little bangeroo. Next month I'll request MALLIES specifically. To pharmacist: "Those things turned to a blue goo & made me terribly nauseous." ought to do it. I hope this is't a trend that ALL pharmacies are going to follow since they finally found a way to supplant our efforts.

pissed in sin city,


Feelin' good's good enough!

10-03-2006, 10:38 PM
Yup like the peoples above said, it can be done. Even I managed to not long ago.

Took one of my 100mg Endo™ morphine (we call em 'BlueManGroup' in Vegas) sustained release (blue caplets, unscored, marked 100 on one side and E658 on the other), and crushed it up good-dumped in a tblspoon with about 1.5cc of h²0. Using a toothpick I stir it up so that the mixture is completely wet. You may need to add a few more squirts of water, but don't add too much. You'll see why after you put some heat on it.

Now you're ready to heat it-you're looking at an intimidating glob of blue snot with doubts running around your head...but heat it slowly and gently and the "smurf" will congeal, become sponge-like and bind to itself yielding a clear, and thinner-than-your-usual ms cook solution.

Poke the smurf around the spoon with the toothpick to pick up stragglers-have fun with it-an ice cube might help speed this up. Then just knock the smurf off the spoon into something clean you can store until you dispose of it. Mine still tasted morphine-bitter so I'm sure I didn't get as much ms out of it as I thought. Endo really did a good job fucking us over.lol But I still got a lot more than I estimated. I would have saved it for another cook [which, from the taste, I'm sure would have been worth the effort] but I ate it. I could not resist for some reason. I was examining it...it was just so blue...and so delightfully spongy in texture, I can't describe it but *pop* down the hatch it goes.

So I filtered and drew up the remaining fluid which came to about 40U in the usual ½cc insulin fit, then I "transplant" an ultrafine 30g shortie point since I use my hand veins.
Tied off, got in on the first poke. I register by advancing a vacuum in the tip of the needle once I break the skin. As soon as I break a vein wall if fills with blood right away-I can concentrate on directing the point as I don't have to touch the plunger until I'm ready to push my dose. It's the best way to reg. for me.

This time I went slower push since I didn't release the tie yet, & this was uncharted terr. Jacked it off at the end to make sure I was still 'in the money'-came back nice and black, 'course :D then I untied and sat back waiting for the pins.

A couple of hand pumps later I wasn't feeling much more than a warm itch near the site, then I got that slight-but-telltale 'take your breath away' ms sensation followed by an exquisite pinzneedles symphony in odd places-soles of my feet, ears, ringpiece (asshole)lol...it bounced around nicely for about 45 seconds then fizzled out leaving me more than a wee bit stoned for a good hour before it really began to leave me.

So I guess it worked, lol. A little extra water. And don't let that goop intimidate you. It comes together nicely with a little heat. I'm going to try this with boiling the water first then adding the powder...also maybe leaving the pill whole and heating the water around it?

Anyone else try, pls let us know how it goes. BE CAREFUL WITH THAT SHIT!


WARNING/GUARANTEE: Extremely habit-forming. If for any reason you are not satisfied, return the unused portion of your plants/medications to me for a COMPLETE REFUND.

10-04-2006, 01:18 AM
Hydrochloric should dissolve the bullshit.

10-04-2006, 05:08 AM
These Endos sound just like my Zomorph,which is MS contin.I heat the powder a little before adding water.What ever I do I'm left with a "smurf"like blob and no matter how many times I heat it I end up eating the "smurf" which always tastes M bitter.I'd love to know how to get more and ideally all the M out.

10-15-2006, 12:50 AM
These Endos sound just like my Zomorph,which is MS contin.I heat the powder a little before adding water.What ever I do I'm left with a "smurf"like blob and no matter how many times I heat it I end up eating the "smurf" which always tastes M bitter.I'd love to know how to get more and ideally all the M out.

Yea I think cooking these [Endo™ MS contin] with traditional methods causes the morphine to get trapped in the goo...the way they want us to think will happen with all pills. I think they succeeded this time guys. Does the Endo product contain TimerX?? That shit scares me.


Check out the "RELEASE PROFILES" sub tab & prepare to cringe.

10-22-2006, 05:39 PM
can you shoot or snort the extended release 60mg extended release morphine pills endo makes?

Most people will tell you there is no way to get around the matrix of the pill in order to shoot them, but this is simply untrue. Fact is however, it does take quite a bit more effort than say, shooting an OC. If you go to google groups and to the group alt.drugs.hard do a search for 'crisping' and look for the posts by MobiusDick. He has successfully broken the matrix on almost all the 100mg contin-type morphine pills. The two main things you need are a 3cc and 5cc rig, a pyrex beaker, and of course recommended is a wheel filter which can be found at www.getpinz.com

I get Watson blue oblong 100mg MSContins and use a cruder method than Mobius's, but can still sometimes yield 60% of 100mg of morphine, which is an okay shot, it will at least get me well when I rise out of bed.

And of course I should add the standard " pills are meant to be swallowed", but morphine truly blows when you swallow it, as you probably know, a large percentage of it is killed off by the first-pass metabolism, so although I do not recommend shooting morphine pills, It will certinaly be roughly six times more potent if you are able to shoot them.

adendum: now that I think about I think the blue 100mg ENDO ones are really big and are the only ones mobius has never been able to crack, however if the orange 60mg ones are smaller than there is a pretty good chance it is possible. Sorry for the lengthy reply, OC always puts me in a writing mood.

10-22-2006, 05:48 PM
Okay I just looked on the Endo website, and the morphine pills I do get are indeed Endo ones, Mobius from Alt.Drugs.Hard was telling me that the Blue, oblong E658 ones were Watsons, and that the Endo ones he had were different looking, but he's wrong since they have pictures of the tablets on the endo pharmaceuticals website. If you want me to write down my method of shooting these puppies (I have done them a LOT) I can I'm just not going to waste my time unless some one indeed needs the info.

Also, I should note; the first step to shooting these Endo Morphine pills is using saline and not [hopefully distilled or purified] water. The other important part is heating the powder dry. The rest isn't too hard to figure out, but let me know if you want more details.

10-22-2006, 07:23 PM
YES details please :) sounds promising, and I'm going to be stuck with 2 days worth of Endo 100s until the pharmacy gets my mallies in on Wed. [Thank God I have a couple of those gray babes to get me thru the nite ;) ] so I'd love to know. Email me...u can't p.message here until you have 30 posts/30days btw what do you think of the mallinckrodt product/what are your experiences w/ em?

aloha stay well!! :D

10-22-2006, 07:54 PM
I will write you an email and also try to dig up my directions that I posted to alt.drugs.hard (ADH). I have only seen the gray Mallinkrodt MSCs once before when they ran out of Endos and supplemented with five (5) of the gray ones, and of course due to the small amount I wasn't able to pilfer any from the huge (giant) bottle of morphine. They put cotton in to separate the grays from the blues. However according to the person actually came up with the method and coined phrase "crisping," i.e. MobiusDick, the Mallinkrodt gray generics were the original ones he used when he first experimented with the technique, so if you need some information on how to deal with those, I recommend searching google groups, specifically alt.drugs.hard archive...do a author:MobiusDick search and also a 'crisping' search and it will come up with the method he found tremendous results with using the Mallies. Only problem with the true crisping method is that it requires a pyrex beaker and 3cc syringes, which I can't just go grab at the supermarket, people where I live will hand out insulin rigs like candy but will require scripts for anything bigger.

edit: BigWave: I can't find any of your contact info in your profile. Send me an email or hit me up on AIM or MySpace and We'll chat.