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08-20-2007, 09:58 PM
Anyone have any technique down for IV'ing focalin XR? I got a scrip for 30 of the 10mg's. Last one I wasted a good number of them trying to get it right for slamming. The capsules are about half-full of tiny white balls, which are very hard. I crushed up the little white balls in a pestle, so it was powder, and then tried cooking it the normal way. I used to get off pretty good on 40-60mg ritalin, so I figured half that for the focalin, since it's supposed to be about twice as strong. Well, the powder just gels up when you cook it. The shit is too thick to go through a needle.

How would someone make the solution more watery? don't heat it? I think MS contin does the same thing when you try to cook it up like that...

08-21-2007, 12:28 AM
Anyone have any technique down for IV'ing focalin XR? I got a scrip for 30 of the 10mg's. Last one I wasted a good number of them trying to get it right for slamming. The capsules are about half-full of tiny white balls, which are very hard. I crushed up the little white balls in a pestle, so it was powder, and then tried cooking it the normal way. I used to get off pretty good on 40-60mg ritalin, so I figured half that for the focalin, since it's supposed to be about twice as strong. Well, the powder just gels up when you cook it. The shit is too thick to go through a needle.

How would someone make the solution more watery? don't heat it? I think MS contin does the same thing when you try to cook it up like that...

Hmmm...check the prescribing information and see what ingredients are listed in the capsule...if any of it is hydroxyethyl cellulose (or something like that) then good luck trying to shoot it...unlike MS Contins, you can't crisp methylphenidate (or can you? I really don't know) and you might be wasting precious stimulant!

I tried searching on the internet for any experience with injecting dexmethylphenidate hydrochloride and couldn't find any. My advice (if you really want to use a needle and have done it before) would be to try crisping them and see if that helps to break down the time release matrix. Might work, might not, but at least you'll know then and maybe you can let us know how it went so we can know whether or not it will work.

A lot of debate going on as to the advice of using needles or not. I'm not recommending you poke yourself (and for any further advice by me) and know this: I am not suggesting you start mainlining. In fact, I'd rather you not. BUT, if you're going to say "fuck it, I'm going to do it anyway" then do what I suggested. But my first response is always: If you can go without the needle, then go without the needle. But as for me, I prefer the needle and always will. So I guess my advice is always kinda biased?

08-21-2007, 08:18 AM
I don't have experience with injecting this, but I figured i would pipe in anyway...back in the day when MS contin (the brand) was around and me and my pals were dumb, we would sometimes "shoulder" it intramuscularly...now i had to do a bit of coaxing to get it in the rig (a fucking 3ml barrell with a 26 gauge IM arrowhead, LOL) and the main thing was to get it finely ground and let it soak in COLD WATER for a good fifteen minutes...this would put the morphine in solution and separate it form the damned wax (and actually pretty much all the morph was liberated this way)...after the soak, i sucked it thru a fiter, put it in another spoon, and then I heated it...point is with pills that have wax, the trick is to cold water filter first, in many cases...if u treat it like dope and grind it up, and add water and heat it, the wax will agitate and not separate from the good stuff, AND gel up like a mofo...so try that first w the cold water, maybe you'd have better luck.

peace out


09-10-2007, 10:15 AM
Yeah man what my holmes said ^^^ is true.

I have figured out now how to slam this shit right. Focalin XR can be injected in a very efficient way thus:

You need a good (real) mortar and pestle to grind up the little tiny white balls of drug that are in the caps. I have tried putting the bally things inside a paper, folded up and crushing the stuff between two heavy things on top of a hard flat surface, but this only pokes the tiny white bally things right through the paper! They are so hard they go right through the paper when you press down on it.

If you put the stuff down onto a hard surface like glass, stone, or metal, and try to crush it with something that way, it'll basically explode out all over the place so it ends up strewn all over the place which is no good, obviously. (I've tried this and it was a disaster)

So anyways you'll definitely need a mortar and pestle.

Crush the tiny white ball-y things in the mortar and then put the completely powdered stuff into a relatively large spoon, for breaking down into solution. I have a set of measuring spoons, from Williams-Sonoma, which are PERFECT. Stainless steel, and nice rounded spherical shaped bowl-like cavities in the spoons.

So you need a glass or stone mortar and pestle. A glass, pharmacy-style one is prolly best, but what I got is a granite (stone) one and it works o.k., only you gotta use something like a butter knife or a spatula to get all the drugs out of the small indentations in the stone surface after pulverizing it.

Put the powdered crushed pulverized tiny whilte ball-y things into the spoon.

You need a needle which will hold at least 2ml (or 2"cc") of solution, and preferably one that has a detacheable needle. Don't even think about trying this with an insulin syringe, which is perfectly suitable for shooting heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or some other pharmaceutical type drugs. Most hypodermic syringes in the United States at least, if they are over 1ml (1cc) in size, will have a detacheable needle. Prolly the same in the U.K. So anyways, get a 3ml syringe, that (if you live in the United States of America) will have a detacheable needle. I use anywhere from a 22 to 25 gauge needle. "22" is a lot larger bore of needle than most people would even consider, but I find that large-bore needles like that tend to open up big veins really well.

Detach the needle from the rig. Add about 2ml of ROOM TEMPERATURE water to the powdered up white ball-y things which are now in your spoon.

As for doses, you gotta figure that out yourself. For focalin, if you have injected (or taken, or whatever) ritalin, just double the milligram amount. For instance, if you have 10mg of focalin, that's equal to 20mg of ritalin, maybe slightly more.

Rule of thumb is that focalin is twice the potency (mg per mg) of ritalin. 10mg Focalin = 20 Ritalin. But there is medical studies that say focalin is siightly more than twice as potent (mg per mg) as ritalin, for some reason that is not understood. From personal experience, I agree with this. It's not a lot more than twice as potent, but it's definitely a little bit more than twice as potent. I can get a huge rush off of slamming just 20mg of focalin and this same level of wired-ness cannot be duplicated from any more than 50mg of ritalin, slammed.

So, back to the focalin, you've just added about 2ml of room temperature water to the powdered focalin balls. DO NOT use cold water or lukewarm water, but room temperature (I mean water that's around 72 degrees F; 22 degrees C). The temperature plays a big role in how fast the shit will gell up if you have a hard time finding a vein and consequently have to leave the solution sitting in the hype for 20 or 30 minutes, ya know.

Stir the solution up with the plunger of the syringe, pulled up out of the hype (makes a noise like a cork being pulled out out a wine bottle).

Let it sit for around five minutes for best results, but if you need a hit NOW, then just stir it around for like half a minute. This dissolves the dex-methylphenidate out of the powdered extended release ball thingies.

If you use HOT water, or if you heat the solution/suspension up with a flame, the stuff will start to form a stiff jelly-like mass in the spoon, which is a complete mess. Might as well suck on the shit under your tongue if this happens, or just eat the shit.

Yeah, so after the solution has had a minute to dissolve the drug, then get a piece of a cotton ball, and make a really loose gathering of small fibers between your thumb and forefinger. It should be about 1cm (which is kind of large for filtering cottons) in diameter and it should be sort of flat, about 2mm thick.

Drop that cotton into the spoon and detach the needle (you probably already did this when you measured how much water to put into the spoon) from your hype. Put the needle-less hype down onto the flat, loose cotton in the spoon, and suck up the solution.

You should get a mostly clear solution of drug, but it will definitely have some milky-ness to it. There will be some of the ball-y residue in the spoon still. You might want to save this because it still contains a fraction of the drug (maybe 10% but up to 20%).

The solution, once filtered and put into the hype as prescribed heree, will be stable and shhould not gell up if it sits for a while in the hype (like if you have a hard time finding a good vein like me).

If you don't filter like described here, you'll get a solution that will form a semi-solid mass inside the hype after about 10 minutes - which means you have to shoot it very quickly. If you heat it in the spoon, it'll do that whle it's being cooked!

The major advantage from filtering however is that the polymeric material in the little tiny white extended release ball-y things in the focalin XR capsules tends to cause allergic reactions. At least in this researcher, it does. It is Ammonio-methacrylate homopolymer, as it's called chemically. I have slammed unfiltered powdered focalin XR and even though I have not missed the vein, I'll get a itchy red welt where the shot went in. After about a day or two, it becomes VERY itchy and like a bee sting, basically.

HOPe this helps ya'll be more drug concious and drug savvy.

05-20-2015, 03:15 PM
If you dont feel like reading about my why i ended up iv'ing focalin, skip to the bottom for my input pertaining to the "how to" of IV'ing of focalin XR...

and shit this thread is like 8 years old? oh well I guess ? i still needed the info.. maybe someone else still does? new thread.. who knows..

hello. hope whoever finds themselves in need of this information is doing ok. i personally had become quite desperate in the midst of a seemingly endless bout of withdrawals from a long heroin binge when i rooted through a family medicine cabinet looking for bottles containing substances with even the most remote chance of even minutely altering my state of consciousness. i found that for me, the perfect medicine cabinet in the case of combating severe dope wds is stocked with amphetamine salts and tramadol, and i guesss loperamide helps too, but that stuff is a joke in the face of acute wds (ime, of course) but helps with PAWS. Kratom can be a a light in darkness shining as well, as long as it approached with provident expectations. (meaning it wont get me high, but the feeling of normality a proper dose can generate is a glorious type of relief that can evoke such a balanced sensory perception and a mentality that makes one so appreciative of simply being momentarily removed from the desperate agony of acute withdrawals that it parallels zen enlightenment and the essence of being the tao).

anyway.... sorry, thats why i dont really ever post on here... tangents and shit. in fact ive only ever shared on here while on stimulants, like i am right now.

but so anyway, i used all my tramadol and adderall that i had stocked up to try to defeat withdrawal when i moved to a family home in the burbs to kick. i ended up liking the feeling of doing dope and addys together, so i wasnt very frugal with the addys and also was naively unafraid of the impending wds. In the past, my wds have lasted 3-5 days of severe pain, with the primary symptoms being muscle and deep bone pain and muscle spasms. This time wds last ten days and i ran out of my chemical combatants way too soon. I was destitute, its was merciless. it got worse and worse, then id have aday of respite, then itd reutrn ten fold that night, i felt helpless,

This is when i realized the true glory of kratom. at a moment of sheer despair, pleading, why is it impossible to legally purchase or obtain something to make me normal again... this impossible conundrum. well there is kratom. it works.

but eventuallly i woke up one morning and wasnt in pain, and then the next day i was better, and so forth, now im not strung out and i just like getting high when i can. and i have to get very crafty to so.

i purposely put myself in a situation far from the city and in a town where i knew no one so it would be very difficult to score any thing. which i regretted, obviously. but I am off sick now and am glad for it. However i underestimated my willingness and resourcefulness and have since made trips to the "bluff" (im in the burbs outside of atl) to cop, and that place can be pretty rough, even compared to a lot of other hoods ive ventured into to get dope in nola, or bogota or mumbai. the bluff is real trap shit son. luckily it takes me almost two hours by bus to get there so i dont go often, i also mustered up a connection for some over priced hydrocodone. that i will never pay for.

so those are both good things making it difficult for me to get strung out on opiates again, but i still wanna get high. which leads me to this post.

i found some focalin xr 30mg capsules in the cabinet

**** this is the best way i know how to get the shit in my veins****

take a shot glass, empty the beads into the shot glass
fill a 1cc hypodermic needle with water
squirt that onto the beads
stir, let it sit for a minute
there are some instant release beads that will simply dissolve
let them do so and assist by stirring
it takes like 30 seconds
add a cotton and filter
suck it up into your rig

heres the issue with this method... the shit im shooting looks gross and pretty thick
so after i suck it up out of the shot glass

i squirt it into a spoon
i add some water to thin it out
i filter and suck it up again

so this is just the best way i can figure out to get a kick outta of the XRs, and i didnt really follow the other detailed post on here about the giant syringes with removable needles. i couldnt really identify the steps in a clear order. but that just me. and this is just how i do it, and if there is a better way to clarify the solution, id love some input.

and sorry, i know that this was all over the place and way too long and convoluted for someone seeking some quick input. but um. yeah. sorry.

05-20-2015, 03:20 PM
Keep in mind this thread was from 8 years ago man......


I think Zoops probably stopped shooting those things a long time ago. I remember him talking about how hard it was on him shooting those types of stimulant pills. I think there are a lot of really rough side effects from slamming em so maybe look into some HR stuff regarding that whole process or quitting that type of usage of them alltogether.

Best of luck tho man.

05-20-2015, 04:47 PM
this thread is like 8 yrs old...