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  1. pins and needles
  2. How to properly prep Morphine ER
  3. Good price to pay for a bottle of IV morphine??
  4. Ketamine + Morphine Injection
  5. Pharmacist Withdrawl statement
  6. Watson 100's, a question about the time matrix
  7. Immune to morphine?
  8. Just Found Some Morphine Sulfates
  9. Modified the AA method from the Inductions Sticky
  10. IV? About ethex 30mg morphines
  11. THE IV Method for MS IR 30's(Roxane)
  12. how much to iv first time
  13. Morphine take time to build up in system?
  14. kadian iv use
  15. I have an IV question. . .
  16. Controversial - First speedball recommended doses?
  17. Why is Kadian so much better than MS-Contin?
  18. Does S stand for sulfate?
  19. 105 mg of morph = 25 mcg of fent.would that mess me up
  20. blue 15's
  21. back in the saddle
  22. Grapefruit To Potentiate Morphine Tea
  23. IV Morphine, The Golden Standard- How do you rate it euphoria wise?
  24. Morphine Pill Question
  25. SWIM has 10-30mg ABG MS-Contins. What ot do?
  26. Blessing or a Curse?
  27. Malli 60mg's
  28. will morphine degrade if left in water over a few days?
  29. 60mg ER Mallie?!?!
  30. Morphines longggg legs
  31. Plug Away!!!!!
  32. What the fuck is this?!?
  33. IV Morphine dosage/trade/coke/desktop/blah.txt
  34. short story about old morphine
  35. Orange goo or water WTF 60mg ms contin er
  36. Need your opinions- MS 60's
  37. subcutaneous injection
  38. I found some pills. opinion needed
  39. IM morphine!
  40. What to do with the Kadians?
  41. Is smoking morphine ER's possible?
  42. izzit just me or does roxane completley suck dick?
  43. IV morphine vs Oral
  44. Morphine 54/733 IR
  45. just when you thought it was safe...
  46. Morphine cancer fear
  47. Lucky Day: Found Four ABG 100mg
  48. Endo MSCONTIN Prep
  49. chitosan and Morphine Powder
  50. Liquid Morphine, ok for IV?
  51. Arms feel strange, tingly
  52. endo MS Contin 60mg (orange tablet-shaped)
  53. Avinza and BioAvailability
  54. Small, Medium or Large
  55. Need cheap Morphine!!!
  56. Kadian question(or any morphine in a capsule)
  57. i think i'm likin' it too much...
  58. Chills
  59. Morphine and post traumatic stress article
  60. Endo 30's
  61. embeda question
  62. Morph to H potentcy
  63. do all MS Contins gel up?
  64. Keeping MS contin under tongue?
  65. Converting Heroin to Morphine (you read it correctly...)
  66. Massive headache
  67. help!
  68. These new Watson ABG Morphines suck! Please Help!
  69. 200mg MS Contin
  70. IV'ing the IR's?
  71. Question on time release morphine - 60mg, reddish orange, ovals
  72. A Strange Discovery...
  73. Morphine PTSD ?
  74. Morphine Sulfate ER 15mg's?
  75. Morphine Noob...
  76. M Appreciation, & some questions
  77. morph pump sewn into stomach
  78. MS Contin filteration issues
  79. Shit, what to do with a big, orange booger
  80. A cig brings on the hit
  82. Holy fuckin' MOLY! IVed a good amount of Mistress Morphine.
  83. morphine hydrochloride oral solution
  84. E658/100 Bangable?
  85. About to rail 100mg of MS..will it get me high?
  86. IV drip
  87. How I deal with the dreaded Endo morphine ER caplets
  88. Sister Morphine has fucking claws
  89. What is morphine SR?
  90. morphine newbie
  91. morphine sulfate er 60mg
  92. Any one fuck with liquid Morphine?
  93. new to abg mscontins....
  94. quick question
  95. help mscontin
  96. I did it again, I got a BIG GREEN fucking booger full of M
  97. Rectal vs oral - MSContin
  98. heroin to morphine
  99. MS Contin for intranasal use.
  100. Thoughts on my method for cooking MS ER's?
  101. morphine, the poor mans high?
  102. Morphine from Norco
  103. Do Roxanne Labs 30mg morphine gel?
  104. How long would the effects last?
  105. Excellent Morphine Harm Reduction Info
  106. how do u know what morphine pills gel?
  107. Extracting Morphine From Pills
  108. Smoking Morphine?
  109. New to MsContin, moving on from dillies
  110. Switching to M from O
  111. botched shot =(
  112. Plugging Morphine Sulfate?
  113. How the hell do you guys prep morphine for IV??
  114. Morphine Sulfate (ETH/15) Question
  115. Boxed M 60's
  116. Going backwards! I want my ABGs back!
  117. liquid morphine ampoules
  118. favorite Morphine IR for IV?
  119. This is the best way to prep Endo 60mg MsContin
  120. Damn, I was doing great, but then the unthinkable...
  121. I miss my OxyContin!! MS-Contin = Epic Failure & What to do...
  122. Passed An Opportunity...(mixed feelings)
  123. just got my ass handed to me
  124. a bit of advice to the needle fiends...
  125. Fuck oxy, morphine is where it's at!
  126. Ways to make oral morphine stronger
  127. Embeda question
  128. How much trouble have I gotten myself into?
  129. random observations about morphine sulphate ER
  130. What's the prices for MSContin?
  131. Wanna get some input before a friend does something hella stupid
  132. Oral Morphine: What is considered a "moderate" dose??
  133. Morphine Sulfate SR
  134. Whats up with these mallinckrodt's?
  135. My Update MS-C Prep Guide (Mallinckrod & Endo Brands)
  136. Got a hold of some 60s
  137. Liquid morphine
  138. 30mg Morphine vs 20mg Oxy
  139. buncha IR's and Kadians!!
  140. Stimulate
  141. Plugging Morphine My Method...and a few Questions
  142. kadian question
  143. M30s best way to use
  144. Banged an ABG 60. Scared the shit outta me.
  145. whats the avg street price of M30s
  146. Pharm. Grade Morphine
  147. Anyone else take Avinza for pain?
  148. resuscitating morphine trapped in the dried out goo from a used MSC tablet
  149. How do you filter your MSContin?
  150. How to prep the mallies?
  151. ratio of plugging vs oral vs IV etc.
  152. Oramorph SR?
  153. Price for 1 gram of morphine sulfate powder
  154. IV Users...ABGs or M's
  155. Embeda Questions
  156. Vomiting effects on duration?
  157. No opiates for almost 3 months then 2 ABG 30s fall into SWIM's lap
  158. Medical Morphine?
  159. Preparing 200s from Mundipharma for smoking or IV
  160. How much morphine is lost when you crisp an ABG 30?
  161. Better MS Contin Brand for IV
  162. So SWIM is going to try MS Contin
  163. Red morphine amps
  164. Disappointed by Kadian
  165. Large IV morphine shot headache problem SOLVED!
  166. why is taking morphine as directed more sedating???
  167. how's my bullshit-dar?
  168. ms contin not really doing much for me
  169. abg 100's .... best way to take
  170. Purdue Frederick Morphine 100mg packaging (PF M100) MS Contin
  171. Can anyone find the ABG 100's by Watson?
  172. Mallinckrodt 100mg IV prep idea
  173. Only smokable morphine?
  174. Whats the difference between 60mg Endo MSContin and Morphing Sulfate SR???
  175. Salt Water cold IV preparation for Watson ABGs!
  176. l-Tyrosine + Morphine
  177. Plugging questions- Any help appreciated
  178. Preparing Morphine Sulfate 100 mg SR for IV Use
  179. Morphine Compared to Other Opiates
  180. MoxDuo
  181. Hospice morphine any good??
  182. tolerance/safe upper limit ratio? reducing risk of OD.
  183. Just something to think about
  184. How do I rinse my 100mg morphine endo sr's?
  185. 54 / 733 - What to expect?
  186. What should my dose be/whats the strength of M vs. other opiates/opioids
  187. morphine xr 30's for IV
  188. Cold sweats and weakness immediately after shooting?
  189. Prepping the Endo 200's - help
  190. Oxycontin not working as well as MScontin
  191. ABG? More like WTF!
  192. Kaolin & Morphine Available Maybe?
  193. Smoking Morphine Base (dose?)
  194. It's about time this board came back!
  195. Idea for preparing ABG 30s for IV
  196. Strangeness....Oral - ABGs vs. Other CR
  197. Another oral Morphine question..receptor affinities etc.
  198. Pill from hell--MS, UK "Napp" brand. Help, please?
  199. morphine washes
  200. Seasoned Morphine Users
  201. Chipping and Morphine
  202. Opana losing its punch; Should I switch to Morphine ?
  203. trouble with 5cc Barrels and 30g 1/2'' point
  204. Oral morphine is awesome
  205. Oral M for maintainace
  206. IM'ing Morphine
  207. Woke up with a serious case of "morphine hangover"
  208. No rush, no pins and needles, nothing
  209. Chemical/sour Smell after IV Kadian
  210. ABG 100's
  211. Morphine Respect
  212. n00b question about shooting Morphine Sulfate 30MG's
  213. Sublingual morphine
  214. Insurance no longer covers Kadian, trouble identifying pill/prepping for IV
  215. Salty Endos
  216. Pain relief and ROA
  217. antihistamine + morphine is the rush gone?
  218. What to do with cotton?
  219. new to kadian
  220. I think i almost died from Anaphylaxis
  221. Messed up my pain meds and need some advice MS CONTIN
  222. question about DONE maintenence vs morphine maintenance
  223. Smoking Morphine Sulphate
  224. Luck or misfortune?
  225. Anybody ever get powder morphine?
  226. brown eth 15s
  227. mallie 60s & 100s back ordered?
  228. MS 100 conversion to H
  229. Okay... How the EFF (prepping Mallies, Endos, others)
  230. Liquid M in syringe
  231. IV M bag w/ saline. Can i get saline out
  232. Moisture
  233. help prepping mallies.
  234. letting pre-prepped shot sit
  235. Best way to crush those tough little balls? (MS Contin)
  236. mallie 100's...Need help w/prep
  237. IV morphine & best of HR.
  238. How does morphine compare to heroin?
  239. Pupils constriction/dilation (How to hide it)
  240. Six Little Milligrams
  241. myth or not...exalgo
  242. First Time
  243. morphine sulfate iv liquid
  244. Nebulizing morphine!
  245. Morphine+oxycodone in same pill! Mox Duo
  246. I freakin hate rumors!!
  247. A few weeks back Had issue with eating !
  248. UniTech MS 100....bootable?
  249. Eating issues after being on morphine long term ?
  250. ENDO SUPPLY SHORTAGES>>>>>>MSContin,opana etc etc