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  71. missing vein - so damn frustrating - sc/im bioavailability vs iv
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  73. Physical Dependence?
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  76. what dosage do you take and/or have seen?
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  79. How long it takes?
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  84. mmm skittles
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  100. WOW
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  110. Are you used to OC and wasn't very impressed by Opana? Or is it just me?
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  141. ==---Oxymorphone Mega-Thread---==
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  145. I need to pass a drug test thursday morning
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  148. kittin killing aside can u smoke Opana 20mg er
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  150. Interesting thoughts on sniffing anything, but particularly oxymorphone
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  152. how are people affording their opana scripts?
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  160. I am too Lazy, please help me .........
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  162. How to Prep Opana ER for IV
  163. Finally found a local connect
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  168. Anyone else ever have probs with insufflation going straight into lungs?
  169. Value of Oxymorphone
  170. What are your plans for when the new Opana ERs come out ?
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  172. From your stomach to your nose to your arm
  173. What is my problem?
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  180. Filled Out Endo Patient Assistance Program, Got the Scripts From Doc, A few
  181. Possible Stupid Question
  182. Anyone know someone who's been denied patient assistance from endo/purdue?
  183. Am i safe?
  184. Whew! No UA today!
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  187. Plugging question--That I So Wish I Didn't Have To Ask
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  190. Does anyone have any idea when the new Opana ERs will be coming out ?
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  196. karma rocks
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  199. Suggestions for getting a dose increase
  200. Does anyone from the south or southeast bought or seen any of these arounds
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  203. generic opana round white pill 54956
  204. Dosage Suggestion
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  206. anyone else notice that the Opana IR tabs work better than the ERs ?
  207. 99% iso shits failed?! Is Less better
  208. don't want to waste anything
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  211. does not compute
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  218. what is the correct way to use opana intranasally
  219. Possibl UA nxt appointmnt....Need to b clean of THC...but pos. for Oc an OM
  220. Making a HUGE change in my use for the better!
  221. I have been reading on other sites about mass shortages of Opana !
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  224. What will the Candian Pain Patients switch to?
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  228. Would this work?
  229. Endo's PAP has all Opana Er strengths in stock again as of 3-7-12
  230. Possible to prep Opana with 70% Iso?
  231. Just me or does tolerance skyrocket?
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  233. Why do you prefer your Oxymorphone?
  234. A possible class action lawsuit against Endo!
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  238. just picked up my prescription
  239. let's piss off big pharma/the DEA.
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  241. Have any of the chemistry savvy looked into this? Patents provided
  242. could someone post the pictures of the old opana and new opana?
  243. To the post that said that their pill was just a glob
  244. Anyone else notice that Activis also makes the generic Er tabs ?
  245. Endo can kiss my ass!
  246. Got New Opana ER Script of Original Formulation on 4/09/2012
  247. What was the "Official" reason for reformulation?
  248. Comparing strength with opana 10 mg IR v oxycodone 30mg IR
  249. What date is the last time you got your original formulation script, for those who do
  250. Easy Powdered Opana ER TRF